Here’s what happened to a friend of mine a week ago during her massage session at a popular spa which i will refrain from naming as per her request.

Note: All characters showing in this post are fictitious. Any resemblance in names to real persons is purely coincidental.

Miss T. : Bonjour.

Receptionist: Bonjour Madame, how can i help you?

Miss T.: I wish to confirm my massage session tomorrow at 4 pm.

Receptionist: Confirmed, anything else i can help you with?

Miss T.: Non, merci.

Receptionist: Tekram 3aynik Madame.

Next day at 4 pm, Miss T. arrives as scheduled at her massage session.

Receptionist: Bonjour Madame, please be seated for a second.

Few Minutes later, Monsieur Philippe arrives:

Monsieur Philippe: I’m afraid Madam that there was a confusion when taking your appointment; we can only accomodate you at 4:40 instead of 4…

Miss T. : This would be impossible as I’m on a tight schedule, there should be another solution.

Monsieur Philippe: Would you mind then, if a male takes care of it.

Miss T: Hmmmmmmmm, only if he was a certified physio-therapist.

Monsieur Philippe: Well of course, I myself will perform the massage on you.

(Monsieur Philippe joins Miss T and asks her to get comfortable and lie down on the massage table)

Monsieur Philippe: is this your first time?

Miss T.: Here yes but i usually have one session every month.

Monsieur Philippe: Oh i’m sure you’ll enjoy that session and come back shortly for more.

Miss T.: Great!

15 minutes later
(Monsieur Philippe starts massaging in a “suspicious” way certain upper private areas)

Miss T. : Is That supposed to be normal?

Monsieur Philippe: Please Madam, you are dealing with a pro.

Miss T.: Hmmmmmmmmmm. OK

(Monsieur Philippe gets too comfortable)

Miss T. (annoyed): What the hell do you think you’re doing?

Monsieur Philippe: What do you mean??? aren’t you pleased?

Miss T. (pissed off): I want to get the hell out of here and talk to the management.

Monsieur Philippe: But I AM the manager; anyway it was a simple a mistake and my hands slipped.

Miss T. (pissed off): Mistake my ass! And i thought that was a respectful spa.

Monsieur Philippe: Please calm down, i might get fired for this.

Miss T. (pissed off): I sure hope so.

(Miss.T ended up making a big scene in front of the entire management and cancelling her membership at the spa.)

The saddening part is that this was not some regular massage place or those so-called Anti-Stress centers that provide “happy endings” for those who pay for it, but a very expensive and known spa.

Anyway, thumbs up for Miss.T and i hope this employee gets fired.

PS: He apparently got fired two days ago.