[Picture of Kobayat by FunkyOzzi]

I’ve been delaying this trip for few weeks now due to the situation in the North, and it seemed like the perfect time to go this weekend as there are festivities in most Christian villages before the feast of the Assumption on Wednesday, up until all Lebanese read Michel Samaha’s confessions yesterday and the bombings he was planning for this weekend in Akkar.

I am glad they caught this guy before anything happened, because it would have been disastrous; yet the arrest and serious confessions frightened some friends and families who decided to stay home for the weekend. I am still going though not because I am not worried, but because you will end up staying home your whole life in Lebanon if you keep worrying about this and that plus the situation is much calmer than before nowadays. Hopefully, all will go well.

First stop will be in Tripoli at Kasr el Helou (Al Hallab) for the best Halawet el Jebn in Lebanon and Ramadan’s Kellaj of course.