I needed a police certificate for my wife and I last week so I called LibanPost to see if they can deliver it quickly enough. After several attempts to get someone on the phone, the operator told me that the police certificate costs 13,000 and that I have to pay an extra 15,000 to have it delivered, so a total of 28,000 for this piece of paper. Moreover, since this is a police record, you can’t do it on someone else’s behalf, so it will cost me 56,000LL in total, which is totally not worth it! In fact, if my wife and I go to the General Security, the whole thing would cost us 4,000 LL.

The Home Service is a very useful service and I understand putting a flat rate for the Home Service, even though I believe it should be less inside Beirut, but why is the police record priced at 13,000 when it only costs 2,000?