I never missed a chance to show my support to the Lebanese National Football team in the past few years, and tried to keep all the blog’s readers informed of what’s happening by posting updates about the games and the team as a whole. However, if it’s true that there are that many players involved in match-fixing, of which 9 players in the National Team, then you can kiss Football goodbye in Lebanon.

According to LBC, match-fixing started back in 2006, and from the looks of it, even the Federation is aware about it yet is not doing anything to stop it. I only feel bad for all the fans and the few decent players who gave everything for the team.

Lebanese Football Blogger Figo29 hopes we’d react to this scandal like the Italians did few years back, not by winning the World Cup of course but by coming out stronger than before, but I think we need many years for that to happen, if it ever will.