Let me start by saying that, in my opinion, Roadster Diner has the best customer service out of all restaurants in Lebanon. I think that the staff is very well trained and the service is of the highest quality, and if they do ever manage to make a mistake, they make up for it by being apologetic and offering free desserts, meals etc..

I’ve noticed how other restaurants are adopting the same standards as Roadster Diner’s (like when the operator answers your call, he/she says her name, so that you know who you’re talking to)

I order Roadster Diner at lunchtime a couple of times a week, but lately it is becoming extremely annoying trying to get through to their delivery call center. I tried calling them for over 20 minutes today but got a busy line every single time.

A couple of weeks ago, one of the operators told me that they have 5 lines for the Beirut area and that during peak hours all of them are busy.

If anyone from Roadster Diner or anyone who knows someone who works on Roadster Diner’s management team is reading this, can you please try to solve this issue? If you can’t get more lines, at least get a call waiting system, this way the customer knows that his/her order is going to be taken within a couple of minutes.