I have a friend whose brother is called Rodger and he insisted that it is Rodger and not Roger. When i asked him why adding the “d”, he said his parents insisted on adding the “d” because they thought the kid was special.

I am not sure he is aware of it but rodgering means shagging someone in slang dictionary and was related to Roger Moore as “the spy who rogers more” when he played Bond. I didn’t know myself until i googled it but that should provide a good explanation of his name.

Funnily enough, my friend is called Richard but without the “T”. He’s no special kid, at least according to his parents heh!

There are a lot of funny names in Lebanon, with people still calling their kids Hitler and Mussolini or Malfoufe and Khasse. According to WikiAnswers, the weirdest and funniest name in Lebanon is Adonis Zibara.