I always thought rolling sushi was difficult and wondered how they managed to do them that quickly. Well it turned out it’s not that hard. I was invited to a sushi dinner on Friday night where the hosts were doing their own sushi.

I went into the kitchen to have a hint on how it’s done and what are the things one needs to get. The main components are basically salmon, crab, rice, avocado, Japanese mayo, sesame, cucumber and seaweed rolls. Of course there’s the soy sauce and ginger needed later on.

The hardest part in this process is to roll them, but you have those wooden rolls to help you, so it just needs practice. My friends rolled over 200 makis and sushis that night in an hour or so. One of them also rolled some cones which are supposedly pretty hard to make.

As for me, i was drinking white wine (Chardonnay 2008) and tasting here and there and watching the world cup game of course. Anyway, they turned out to be really good and better tasting than in some sushi places I’ve been to.