Kabse 3al Fassed - Map

If you spot a small colorful and thought-provoking car in your town in the next couple of weeks, it’s the Sakker el Dekkene car which is touring Lebanon in a nationwide anti-corruption awareness campaign. The “Kabseh” starts on September 10th in Jdeideh, then went to Jounieh, Byblos, Tripoli and Aramoun. Here’s the schedule for the days to come:

– September 22: Sir al-Dinnyeh
– September 23: Halba
– September 24: Hermel
– September 25: Baalbeck and Zahle
– September 29: Jeb-Jannine and Rashayaon
– September 30: Hasbaya and Marjeyoun
– October 1: Nabatieh
– October 2: Bint Jbeil and Tyr
– October 8: Jezzine and Sidon
– October 9: Beiteddine and Aley
– October 10: Baabda

If you happen to be from these towns, don’t hesitate to report any bribes in order to help Sakker el Dekkene fight against corruption. You can simply log in to www.sakkera.com or download the Dekkene’s smartphone Application (search for ‘sakkera’ on iOS and Android). You can also call its hotline: 76 80 80 80.