I usually cut my hair once every month or 6 weeks and every time i hear a new theory in politics or science, the weirdest stories ever, new inventions, opinions on new technological products from my coiffeur Toni. I’ve been cutting my hair at this guy for more than 6 years now, ever since Najib, my coiffeur from the day i was born, decided to retire for some reason and get a taxi instead.

Today, Toni was on fire and could not stop bragging about his new theory on brothers going together on a double-date and on males and females and mixed showers. His first theory was that brothers don’t usually go out with their gfs on a double-date and he conducted a survey on his customers for that purpose. I was the only exception apparently as i don’t see where is the big deal in going out with my brother and his date.

The next topic was the really interesting one as psychiatrist & sociologist Dr.Toni concluded that men don’t like to shower with other men, or get undressed when they do so, while women have no problem with that. He even asked me if i ever showered with my brother or with my father lol !

According to our dear coiffeur, women don’t have a genital organ to show and so have nothing to show off or be ashamed of while men don’t feel comfortable showing their stuff and he started giving examples of how he his sick father refused to take off his pants when he used to shower him.

Of course i nudged and agreed with everything he said so i could get my cut and go back home.

I even remember the last time i went, he had that talk on F1 cars and how they don’t really have any brands on them, but instead those are special effects done by the camera. He also claimed Formula1 is a big conspiracy and everything is set up so that this or that can win.

I wonder why women don’t open up salons for men. They could be much more interesting and maybe less talkative.