A friend of mine transferred me some money via an OMT office. OMT stands for Online Money Transfer and is part of Western Union. I checked out their website and saw a small logo on the right where i could search for locations but it turns out the search button is not working. I looked out in their locations and found an office in the same building i work in.

I went up the first time 10 days ago, the OMT employee was not there and i was told he was sick.
Two days later, i go up to see if he is no longer sick. The employee is still not there. He has a day off this time.
Five days later, i go up again and he still did not show up to work. I am told to go to another office down the road, but with the heat outside, there’s no way am walking all that distance.
Yesterday, i went up for a last time and as usual, no one is there. So i took a cab and drove to another location and collected my money.

I mean i don’t get it, what’s the point of having over 700 locations if there’s no one at those locations?