George Saab
Lieutenant George Elien bou Saab

Two army officers, a sergeant and three soldiers were martyred in the Abra clashes that took place today with Ahmad Al-Assir supporters. Here are the names as officially released by the Lebanese Army:

– Captain Ali Adnan al-Masri
– First Lieutenant Samer Geryes Tanios
– Lieutenant George Elien bou Saab
– First Class Private Rami Ali Khabbaz
– Private Bilal Ali Saleh
– Private Elie Nicolas Rahme

I was able to find online the pictures of Lieutenant George Elien bou Saab and First Lieutenant Samer Geryes Tanios. If you have the pictures of the other army men mentioned, please do share them.

Speaking of the events that took place today and have been occurring lately, I hope that the army and its commander remain determined to confront all outlaws without any exception and without listening to anyone. As far as the rest of us are concerned, the only thing we should be doing is show our unconditional support to the Lebanese Army in ways that don’t involve closing down roads or using weapons of any kind.

Sincere condolences to the families of these brave young men.

First Lieutenant Samer Geryes Tanios

Update: Pictures of all the martyrs (Source: LebaneseArmy)