I couldn’t have said it better. Read the full article [Here].

Political incorrectness is not about the need to shock and the seeking of gratuitous provocation, which is the easiest accusation thrown in the face of those who dare to speak up. It is not about encouraging hatred and promoting intolerance. It does not prevent what is and should be punishable by the law, to be indeed punishable by the law (racism, violence, terrorism, crime…).

It’s about time we learn the subtle – but fatal – difference between political correctness and censorship, as much as we need to learn the gap between political incorrectness and bigotry: Because in between the two poles lie a great deal of hypocrisy, lies, and fake justice, where honesty and critical thinking are the expensive collateral damage.

It is about time we grow up and dare to speak our minds even when, especially when we don’t have nice things to say.