I’ve never been to Wazzani but I’ve known for years that there are tens of unlicensed restaurants and cafes there open right on the river. Wazzani is an area right next to the blue line that separates us from Israel and a complaint was made in 2013 by the UNIFIL to the Lebanese Army that ducks raised in these resorts are crossing the blue line and somehow posing a “security” threat.

The Lebanese government, and more specifically the tourism minister, decided to take action ten years later, and mobilized a great number of security forces to go all the way up to Wazzani and shut them all down. Of course, any unlicensed business must be shut down, but it’s funny that out of all the illegal resorts and restaurants open left and right in Beirut and its surrounding, they chose to go all the way to Wazzani following a complaint regarding ducks 😂😂.

Someone should remind the minister about the smoking ban law, the illegally open beach resorts or more recently the monstrosity that opened on Ramlet el Baidah. Sa7 el nom!