What is the lowest temperature ever recorded “officially” in Lebanon? The answer is -23 degrees Celsius on January 20th 1964 in the town of Yammoune according to Lebanon Weather Forecast. The page referenced the Directorate General of Civil Aviation Lebanon, Meteo.gov.lb as well as مرصد كسارة as sources for this piece of information.

I tried looking at the above websites but didn’t find any related information. I also looked at other websites that contain weather historical data but there was no data recorded back on that date. My guess is that the records from the 1960s were still found only in physical books but LWF did share a heat map (unless it was recreated).

Having said that, It would be interesting to see historical weather data, if available, from Qurnat al-Sawdā or towns like Bkaakafra and Aainata as they’re higher in altitude than Yammoune.