I’ve been planning to try out a new restaurant in Beirut called Um Sharif, but the two times I called, the place was fully booked, last time being yesterday.

It is not very common for a place to be booked on a Wednesday night in Lebanon, knowing that it’s not cheap at all. Indeed, you are bound by a 35$ formula for lunch and a 60$ formula for dinner excluding beverages and arguile.
There’s also a live show (Derbakke, 3oud etc ..) every night that starts at 10:45 pm.

I tried looking up the place on Google and found on Naharnet directory having the same number a place I’ve never heard of called Paris New York located in Beirut. [Naharnet]

I am curious to know if the place is truly worth paying that much money, so I would appreciate if anyone who’s been to that place shares his experience on the blog.