Awareness Video on children and sexual abuse in Lebanon done by LeoBurnett & HimayaLebanon

In regards to the teacher who presumably sexually harassed 11 girls at a renowned school in Mount Lebanon (I heard it’s Antoura but I can’t be sure), LBCI reported almost 2 hours ago that the man is 22 years old and was admitted to a hospital after getting involved in an accident (he was driving a 1974 Volkswagen). Reports are saying he was trying to commit suicide but again nothing confirmed.

I was surprised at one of the blog readers’ comments as he mentioned he knew the guy and that the accusations are wrong:

“Because this is lebanon and when parents notice something wrong with their children they never ask themselves if it this their fault they always accuse everyone else, in this case the teacher. There aren’t 11 girls. I was surprised the first place that this story reached the news. The problem is with 3 girls and their parents. The parents committee wanted to file a lawsuit but they don’t have anything in their hands. The good thing is that the teachers committee is defending the guy. I know all these info because I’m close to the guy and know what’s happening with the attorneys.”

Whether he’s right or not, maybe LBCI or some other local channel should make a thorough investigation into this case and figure out whether the guy was set up or is truly guilty. Let them go interrogate the parents or the doctors who examined the victims and show us proof that he did rape one of them. Parents should know how to behave in such cases and students must be aware of such things and how to react to them.