A Lebanese Arm Wrestling championship, the first of its kind in Lebanon (according to the organizers), will kick off on Sunday June 18th at Sassine Square in Achrafieh. This is not some competition between villages but a professional one held by the recently-founded Lebanese Arm Wrestling Federation by Karim el Andary. The federation is a member country at World Arm Wrestling Federation and also a member country at European Arm Wrestling Federation.

Here’s the schedule for the Beirut Championship:
Sunday 18 June 2017
3PM Free Registration
5PM Competition Starts

I couldn’t find much information but for those interested, you can follow the LAW page and contact them.

I don’t recall the last time I arm-wrestled someone, it must have been some 20 years ago. I’m not a fan but it’s good to see someone organizing the sport and aiming to form a national team to compete at World Championships.