Loren Woods, a former NBA player and currently playing with Riyadi Beirut, got into a fight with two Champville players in the last game that opposed them. The fight was cut out from the full game video uploaded by LBCI but put back on Ghayyath’s show “Inside Game”. To begin with, I am glad LBCI kept the fight online for all us to see and I think they should do the same to any incident that takes place in Basketball games to let the viewers decide for themselves.

As for Loren Woods’ reaction after the game ended, such things happen even in the NBA and I do believe he should be fined or stopped for a game but only if the player who committed the flagrant foul against him is stopped as well because that foul was really nasty and could have injured the other player. If the game was still running, they should have simply ejected both players and continued the game.

On a last note, what I saw in the video is Woods pushing a couple of players and not really a fight, so I don’t think we should make a big deal out of it.