A group of three Lebanese have apparently come up with the most comfortable sandals ever with an unmatched quality and versatility. They call them Maku and they are already off to a great start on Kick-starter whereas they met their $20K goal within 5 hours and are almost at $80k now.

David, Hanane and William have been working for 5 years and done 37 iterations to meticulously design the Maku Sandals and their aim is to come up with a sandal that we could wear every day, walk in, travel with, and still have it come out the other side looking like new. They’re obviously passionate about their product and they’re using the best material to provide “unmatched comfort, exceptional durability, and real versatility”.


I won’t lie to you, I am not a fan of sandals but I love what they’re doing and they totally deserve our support. I will surely back them up and buy my wife a pair.

For those interested, check out their [website] and order your pair in advance!