Eden Park were celebrating yesterday their 15th anniversary in Lebanon, and I was asked along with 8 of the country’s top artists, designers and bloggers to redesign Eden Park’s famous Pink Bow Tie, the brand’s logo and monogram.

I was hesitant at first given that I barely have any design skills, but I love Eden Park and a good friend of mine offered to help out. What I wanted to do was portray the blog or what BlogBaladi stands for through the bow tie. We thought of coming up with an animation first where a series of negative events are shown in the background and the bow tie would reflect the positive side of each, but then we decided to go for a hologram as it’s easier to execute and would look cooler. Of course it was challenging technically but I had the most awesome people helping me out. In fact I felt bad at some point because they were working harder than me to finish it so special thanks to Jimmy, Georges and Christina!


We ended up designing the hologram to show the Lebanese flag from one side and the blog’s banner. An iPad was placed inside the designated box and a dark plexi was used for the reflection. The hologram was perfect but there was too much light at the event so we had to move the box 2-3 times to let people see the hologram properly.


Luckily, things worked out perfectly fine and everyone loved the bow tie! If you are passing by ABC Achrafieh in the next couple of weeks, make sure to drop by Eden Park and check it out.

Many thanks to Eden Park and Kinda for this opportunity!

Here are some of the other designs on display:

poise design Poise Design

rita Rita Lamah Hankach

mukhi Mukhi Sisters

vanlian Vick Vanlian