Every year, we have to wait until the last second to know when the Eid is, and which days we will be off, and this is not just about watching the moon, at least not in Lebanon.

Here we have to take into account several issues:

Shiite Hassan Fadlallah’s office (Even after he died, his office still makes predictions).
Other Shiite references who follow Iran and are close to Hezbollah.
Dar el Fatwa (Sunnite) who supposebly follows KSA’s decision.
Current Political circumstances: If Sunnites and Shiites are in love with one another, we get an extra day. If things look tense between the two teams, no extra day.
– Last but not least, if it happens that Christians got an extra day or a day less in one of their holidays during the year, the government needs to take it into consideration and adjust the Eid accordingly “in the sake of national unity”.

That’s why until this morning, we have no clue when the Eid starts and when it ends. Maybe we should hire Michel Hayek for this occasion and rely on him solely.

Nevertheless, Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim readers.