EDZ continues to be a a too-good-to-be-true story for many Lebanese and has been under attack for the past weeks for unexplainable reasons. In fact, Energy Minister hinted that they didn’t want to renew the license and recently newly elected Zahle MPs were asking people at one point not to settle their bills because the cost per kilowatt is too high.

I don’t have the full story but from what I hear from my Zahle friends, the fact that they have 24/7 electricity encourages them to spend more electricity throughout the day and results in higher electricity bills consequently. However, the amounts are peanuts compared to the exorbitant prices we’re getting charged by generators and it’s pretty idiotic for anyone to attack EDZ.

Moreover, if EDZ is doing anything wrong, I’m sure they’re much easier to approach than EDL and going on the offensive against them will harm Zahle residents first and foremost.

This being said, #حلّوا_عن_كهربا_زحلة