We all know by now that electoral lists are available online for all to see but the real question is who is leaking this database to third parties and are they allowed to use it on non-governmental websites? The excuses being given that everyone has access to such data is total BS because there’s a huge difference between acquiring this data for electoral purposes and publishing it online and profiting out of it!

I’ve already posted about the expats data that was clearly leaked to some parties which constitutes a clear breach of data privacy given that the data contained emails and phone numbers and now there’s this website lebaneseelections.com which took the original database and came up with a smarter search engine that allows you to just write down a family name and get all the hits you need, add to that the “Immigrants” Yes/No button.

I have to admit the search tool is quite useful but I’m still not comfortable with this database being shared around without any considerations. At this point we have an app that tells you everything about the driver blocking you from his license plate, an app that gives you his full name, DOB, sect and address and next thing you know, someone will come up with an app that gives you his financial status (unless there’s already one I’m not aware of).

Thanks Hadi!