Restaurants in Lebanon are becoming increasingly expensive and it is honestly becoming ridiculous. Everytime the restaurant has a new menu or revamps his location, we have an extra 10% here and there.

The problem is not just in prices though, but in the quantity you get for that price. But obviously prices and quantities are reversely proportional in Lebanon, as size shrinks while price increases.

We ordered food from Zaatar wou Zeit last week, and i could not help but notice how expensice it has become.

4000 LL for Lahme Beajine man2ouche, oh and it is labeled as “thick” though it is ridiculously thin.

6500 LL for a Jebneh wou Jambon man2ouche, also labeled “thick” bass min wen la wen?

Last but not least, a Pepsi can costs 1500 LL at ZWZ even when delivering it. Shouldn’t soft drinks be cheaper when delivered?

How much more expensive are all those items? Well Zaatar wou Zeit mistakenly still have an old menu uploaded online, and it is 1 or 2 years old only.

As you can see below, Lahme Beajine was priced at 1750 LL compared to 4000 LL now, that’s more than 100% increase. Same for Jebneh wou Jambon that was priced at 3000 LL only.

But still the funniest increase in price is the soft drink! As if ZWZ manufactures Pepsi or maybe Pepsi increased its price and we are not aware of that.

Nonetheless, this increase in prices is everywhere, but is most noticeable when you pay 3$ for a freaking’ man2ouche that costs anywhere else barely 1$.