Incinerators are Coming to Beirut and There’s Nothing We Can Do About it

Share all the documentaries and reports you want about incinerators being bad for the environment and for Beirut residents, they're coming to Beirut and there's nothing we can do about it. If anything, we should applaud the "comical" efforts being made by the authorities to portray these incinerators as being a good and sustainable solution, by showing us a Taiwanese rooftop built on top of an incinerator, or a state of the art “waste-to-energy” incinerator…

Beirut is Getting its First Avocado Bar

Avocado bars have been trending for quite some time now worldwide and Beirut is finally getting its first Avocado bar, a restaurant that features fresh avocado in all its dishes. The place is called L'Avo and will open in Achrafieh on Charles Malek Avenue. There's still no official opening date but it should be soon. It's definitely an interesting place to visit especially if you like Avocado .

#Lebanon Ranked Fourth Worst WorldWide in Electricity Supply

The Spectator Index tweeted a list of countries with the worst electricity supply for 2017 and Lebanon ranked fourth worst on that list, ahead of Yemen, Nigeria & Haiti. The tweet is based on the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Index for 2017-2018 which ranks the quality of electricity supply on a scale from 1 to 7 . At this point, all we have to do now is notify the WEF about the new meters…

Stunning 7-Minute Video on Akkar: Lebanon’s Green Treasure

Akkar Trail shared a 7-minute video showcasing Akkar's green treasure which occupies 20% of Akkar's total area. The forests in Akkar are among the largest and most bio-diverse in Lebanon and there are several protected natural sites and even a Cedar forest reserve. Check out this stunning documentary, hoping that necessary measures will be taken to preserve this green heaven, managing the wildfires and prevent fires from devouring forests.

Twelve Year Old Girl Mechanic Video Goes Viral, Gets Dream Job

2 days ago
A lot of children are forced into child labor in Lebanon, and the authorities have made little progress to reduce child abuse. In fact, things have worsened ever since the Syrian crisis began whether thousands ...
Animals & Wildlife

A First in #Lebanon: Man Jailed for Killing Dog

4 days ago
We keep seeing viral videos documenting animal abuse in Lebanon but we’ve never heard of anyone getting arrested for these crimes. BETA took it upon themselves to investigate one of these cases and managed after ...

My First Drone: DJI Spark

4 days ago
I’ve been meaning to buy a drone for photography for quite some time now but I didn’t need anything too professional or pricey. While it’s easy to find cheap drones just to fly them around, ...

Meet the Five Craft Beers Now Available in Lebanon

6 days ago
Those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, know that I enjoy a drink every now and then, especially when the drink is something special, not just your random club drink. ...