Article 522 Finally Abolished?

I just read on LBCI, Naharnet and a couple of other media portals that the Lebanese Parliament has officially abolished Article 522 of Lebanon’s Penal Code. Eight months ago, the Parliament’s Administration and Justice committee had agreed to abolish Article 522 but the parliament still needed to vote on it. Article 522 allows the rapist to get away with his crime if he marries the victim. It's about time we get rid of this archaic…

Swap your Cocktails for Portable Arguiles? Seriously?

As if we needed another excuse for people to smoke the Shisha, some guy came up with a "brilliant" idea to sell mini portable Shishas at LL15,000 at outdoor events. I've already seen people smoking Shisha in their cars using the electric plug but this thing is even smaller and I'm sure we will unfortunately be seeing more drivers or maybe party goers smoking it.

#Beirut Wants to Break The Guinness Record For World’s Longest Continuing Party

Lebanon will attempt to break the Guinness World Record for longest continuous party which is currently 54 hours by organizing the longest continuing party from August 28th till August 30th. The event is taking place under the patronage of Lebanon’s Ministry of Tourism at Nurai in Monot. In order to make that happen, tens of artists, DJs and local bands will have to continuously perform throughout the duration of the party. I'm not a fan…

Furn Beaino is Delivering Now!

Almost 8 years ago, I got introduced to Furn Beaino by mistake. I was at my friend's shop in Sarba and he told me "let's go have the best Lahm Baajine in town" so we headed to Furn Beaino, a small oven located in Sarba on the way down to Jounieh and waited for like 15 minutes to get our order. The oven was crowded inside out and everyone wanted their Lahm Baajine. As soon…

Ziad Doueiri’s Latest Movie: The Insult

1 day ago
Nineteen years after directing the awarding winning “West Beirut” movie, Lebanese-born cinematographer and film director Ziad Doueiri is back with another Lebanese Civil war movie entitled “The Insult” starring Adel Karam , Rita Hayek , ...

Why is the Zouk Mikhael Garden still Closed?

2 days ago
I’ve been meaning to take Brian to the Zouk Mikhael public garden for more than a year now and every time I pass by there’s a sign that says it’s closed for renovation and will ...

Team Liquid, Featuring Lebanese Maroun Merhej, Wins Dota 2 $10.8M Grand Prize

2 days ago
I’ve never liked Dota2 or WOW or LoL but I know how addictive these games can be and with the lousy internet we have in Lebanon, you need a lot of patience and dedication to ...

The Egg is not Getting Demolished (For Now)

3 days ago
An old post from 2011 has somehow re-emerged online where the author is claiming that “the beloved egg-shaped landmark on Martyr’s Square is scheduled to be demolished in the coming days”. Needless to say, The ...