Maya Zankoul’s New Book Explores Similarities Between Beirut & New York

Lebanese blogger and visual artist Maya Zankoul launched her latest book yesterday entitled "Beirut-New York" where she explores unlikely similarities between these two highly incompatible cities. The illustrations are funny, witty and spot-on, just like everything Maya does :) Here are few illustrations from the book. For those interested, you can buy the book online and check out Maya's artwork as well. There's also an explanation for these similarities at the end of the book.

Sabaa Wants to Achieve the Unachievable

A new political movement called Sabaa launched yesterday in Lebanon and it was a rather disappointing start. To begin with, the press conference they held was not properly organized, the speakers were not well prepared and going live on Facebook was a bad idea in my opinion, especially when you don't have anything exciting to present. When you spend over $60,000 on a nation-wide campaign, the least you can do is set up a proper…

You Don’t Need a Driver License or a Plate to Drive Electric Scooters in Beirut

I shared a picture of a scooter parked illegally and having a Chinese license plate a couple of days ago and I asked how does one fine this driver? As it turns out, it was an electric scooter and it doesn't need a license plate nor a driving license to drive based on the comments I got. I don't get the logic behind it. Even if it's an electric scooter, they are still driving it…

Three Important Draft Bills Approved By the Lebanese Parliament

The Lebanese Parliament was able to convene for the first time since 2014 and approved over 20 pending bills, including three crucial bills: - An anti-gunfire law proposed by MP Ghassan Moukheiber that heavily penalizes offenders. The law is aimed at limiting injuries and deaths caused by random and celebatory gunfire during occasions or elections. - A law, which was pending since 2013, to de-pollute the Litani river was finally passed. Let's hope they won't…

Reunited Guns N’ Roses Are Coming to Dubai Next March, No Stops in #Beirut

2 days ago
The Guns N’ Roses are getting back together after almost 23 years and are coming to Dubai on March 3, 2017 for a live concert at Autism Rocks Arena as part of their “Not in ...

Jbeil’s Mystery Piano Man’s Identity Revealed

2 days ago
A beautiful music coming out of a dark spot next to Saint Jean-Marc Cathedral’s in Jbeil caught Ralph Aoun’s attention and he decided to share a video on Facebook of this mystery piano man who ...

Last Voice Note from One of Achkout’s Victims Revealed

2 days ago
Joe Maalouf shared a voice recording during his new show “Hawa el 7oriyyeh” of one of Achkout’s victims Jean-Paul Hoballah one day before the murder took place. In the recording, Jean-Paul is heard complaining to ...

Hands-on the iPhone 7 Plus

3 days ago
Finally, I got my hands on the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m usually first to get a newly released device, but this time, there were lots of delays from Apple’s online store on the 7 Plus ...