After 35 Years: President Bashir Gemayel Killers Sentenced to Death

Lebanon's highest state security court sentenced earlier today Habib Chartouni and Nabil al-Alam to death in absentia in the case of the 1982 assassination of President-elect Bashir Gemayel. Both were stripped from their civil rights as well. Chartouni was freed from Roumieh prison in 1990 following the Syrian offensive on the presidential palace in Baabda. It's not clear where Chartouni is hiding nowadays, as some are reporting he's still in Syria. Justice has been served…

TSC Signature Closed at the Beirut Souks

I've been hearing rumors for quite some time that TSC is closing down at the souks and it just happened. TSC employees were protesting for the past couple of weeks in front of the store for not getting paid and yesterday they protested in front of the Kuwaiti embassy. I never really liked TSC Signature and in the last few months, they barely had any products on display. The only good thing about it was…

“Stolen” Salvador Dali Portrait of Mrs. Reeves Seized in Beirut

I'm surprised this story did not make a major buzz locally and internationally. The ISF has apparently recovered this week a painting thought to be an original work by Salvador Dali, a prominent Spanish surrealist artist. The “Portrait of Mrs. Reeves” had apparently been stolen from a neighboring country and is worth millions of dollars. Four people were arrested, three Syrians and one Lebanese national.

Movie Review: Geostorm [2017]

PS: Review posted by our blog contributor Jihad. I was never a big fan of disaster movies they were always kind of predictable and Geostorm is no different in terms of plot. However the visual effects this time were very impressive so make sure you watch it on IMAX. Geostorm is about a network of satellites that controls the weather around the world to protect its citizens, until something goes wrong on the ISS that…

Lebanese Flag History Video

1 day ago
I found this nice 4-minute video on the story of the Lebanese flag and how it came to be. While the historical facts are accurate, the flag they showed is not the official Lebanese flag ...

AUB Tops The 2017/2018 QS Arab Region University Rankings

1 day ago
The 2017/2018 QS Arab Region University Rankings are out and the American University of Beirut has topped the list ahead of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals and King Saud University. AUB ranked #1 ...

M3assal Shawarma

2 days ago
When I first saw this, I wasn’t surprised to be honest but I did check the Mazaya page just to make sure it’s there. Unfortunately for Shisha lovers, it was fake but I think they ...

ASHEKMAN #OperationSALAM is Complete

3 days ago
After three weeks of hard work, ASHEKMAN has finally completed a huge project in Tripoli where they painted a gigantic Arabic #Calligraffiti of the word #peace or #سلام on 85 rooftops in Syria street, which ...