NFS Karting: A New Karting Track in Hadath

It looks like a new karting track is opening soon in Beirut at Al Raya stadium in Beirut. It's called NFS but I don't have much info about it except pictures on how the track would look like. The only decent karting tracks we currently have are RPM in Mtein and Pit Stop in Zouk Mosbeh, even though the karts at Pit Stop needed a major revamp last time I went there . I hope…

A “Nap Bed” Spotted at West Hall, AUB

I saw AUB tweeting about a "nap bed" on West Hall and StepFeed covering the story. Apparently, there's an ongoing petition for starting a nap club where students can rest during the day. I loved napping in the library or on the green oval during my AUB years. A bed would definitely be more comfortable but I am not really sure how many beds would be needed to accommodate AUB students, and who will be…

Mothers in the Lebanese Army Given The Day off

Armed Forces Commander General Joseph Aoun has given all mothers in the military a day off to celebrate Mother's Day. This will be the first time in the army's history. Back in September 2017, a handful of women officially completed their Army training course for the first time in Lebanese history as well. The Lebanese Armed Forces first opened up to women in 1991, and even though there aren't any official figures, the Lebanese American…

Mother’s Day Ads [2018]

Here’s a nice round-up of this year’s Mother’s Day ads in Lebanon. A Happy Mother’s Day to all! Mazzat: Khoury Home: Kababji: Hallab: Fakhry: Le Vin Du Liban: Exotica: Don Symon: Crepaway: Cakes And Cookies: Barbar: Almaza: Alfa Telecom: AUBMC: Castania Nuts: BeitMisk:

Milk-Free, Butter-Free, Egg-Free Yet Delicious Croissants

2 days ago
It’s lent season and a lot of people tend to follow the Church’s guidelines and fast daily from midnight until noon and refrain from eating meat and dairy products, even on Sundays. Not eating meat ...

First Stroke Center in Lebanon Open at LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital

3 days ago
Lebanon’s first comprehensive stroke center was recently inaugurated at the LAU Medical Center-Rizk Hospital where the best possible care will be given to stroke victims or patients at risk of developing a stroke. Knowing that ...

“Know Your Candidate”: Election App to Turn You Into an Informed Voter

3 days ago
There’s a really cool app that was released last week ahead of the 2018 elections called “إعرف مرشحك- Elections 2018” whose aim is to help educate the Lebanese citizens about the candidates, the electoral process, ...

#Elections2018: Female Candidates on Lebanon’s Major Political Parties’ Lists

4 days ago
A record number of female candidates (111) have signed up for the upcoming 2018 elections, but it remains to be seen how many will succeed. Knowing that the new electoral law favors the ruling political ...