An Interview I Did 16 Years Ago

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old interview

I was looking through my father’s papers when I spotted a picture of myself and a small interview I did with a local newspaper. I am not sure if it’s Annahar but the interview was about the Lebanese baccalaureate.

The answer I gave makes me sound like a nerd lol! They probably misunderstood what I said about not being worried about the Lebanese baccalaureate exams. I had just passed the French baccalaureate so I didn’t need to go through the Lebanese one and just went there because my parents wanted me to do. I did end up passing it though.

old interview - Copy

Jounieh’s Illogical Road

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jounieh road

During the municipal elections in Matn and Keserwan, I saw a video somewhere bragging about this new road they inaugurated on the Jounieh highway. To be fair, this road is very useful but the execution is terrible.

In fact, the road barely fits two cars and at some point you need to slow down to let another car pass. Also once you turn right from the highway to go in, you reach a point where you find yourself on the other lane. To make things worse, there are no signs on the highway to tell you where that turn is.

I have no idea who engineered this road, or who’s behind all of Jounieh’s inner roads because they either cause more traffic or more accidents.


Pamela el Kik Says She Got “Inspired” By Charlie Chaplin

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Pamela el Kik delivered a speech this week on Menna W Jerr, which was basically the Arabic version of The Great Dictator’s Speech (Charlie Chaplin). Unfortunately, she didn’t bother to mention that it was Chaplin’s speech but now she’s saying MTV cut off this part during the show’s editing.

I am guessing she’s probably right but she still should have mentioned at first that it’s Chaplin speech before reciting it in Arabic. Also, saying that she got inspired from The Great Dictator is inaccurate as it’s pretty much the same speech word by word. That’s not inspiration, that’s pure translation 🙂

All in all, I guess we should look at the positive side here, that more Lebanese now know Chaplin’s memorable speech.

PS: Good job Lebanese Art police on catching that mistake.


Ten Great Travel Destinations Where Lebanese Don’t Need a VISA

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Even though we have one of the most expensive and least useful passports in the world, there are still some cool travel destinations that we can go to without a visa and MasterCard wants to remind us of some of them:

1- Mauritius
2- Turkey
3- Sri Lanka
4- Georgia
5- Jordan
6- Nepal
7- Malaysia
8- Oman
9- Seychelles
10- Maldives

I am not so sure about Sri Lanka though as I know there is a visa of around 50$ to be paid.

Horsh Beirut Now Open All Week Long, Dogs Still Not Allowed

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After finally reopening in September 2015 to the public on Saturdays only after 25 years, Horsh Beirut will now be open all week long from 7 AM till 2 PM and on Saturdays and Sundays from 7 AM till 7 PM.

This is all thanks to efforts from several parties and NGOs, mainly Nahnoo.

Beirut’s municipality still did not allow dogs inside the park though. Here are [pictures] from my first visit to Horsh Beirut few months back.


Jounieh Dream Beach House

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I live in Jounieh yet I’ve never spotted this house. It is a private residence designed by New York-based architects SOMA right on the Mediterranean sea. In order to defend against the waves, there’s a mechanism that deflects them and the glass is “a patented system of laminated glazing supported by structural steel, capable of withstanding the strongest waves of these winter storms”. [Source]

I would love to be in that house during a storm (or any other day of course). You can read more about it [here].