Is The Internet Really Slower Than Before In Lebanon?

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I asked the same question back in August but Ogero was undergoing some maintenance works so I got mixed answers. I’ve experienced slowness on my Ogero connection few times and on my 4G Touch dongle few times as well but otherwise it’s as fast as before. My Alfa 3G/4G data plan is also very quick and the only issues I’ve had were with lines dropping for no reason. This used to happen when 3G was first launched and is now back for some reason.

I think the Telecom Ministry should do a general assessment and let us know what’s happening because it seems the problems are in certain areas or related to specific providers. Did Ogero complete the maintenance work they started? Was the bandwidth increased as needed? What happened to the fiber optic cables? We all deserve to know.

l1 Speedtest from my Ogero 4MB connection

The Lebanese Army Condemns Video Showing Troops abusing Syrian Detainees

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army122 A soldier hurting a man who is missing the lower part of his right leg.

I shared and criticized the video being spread on Facebook not because I care about these terrorists, but because the Lebanese troops should not be filming and sharing such videos, and definitely not committing any of these acts. I wouldn’t mind them bombing the hell out of these criminals but treating a prisoner (with one leg) can only harm the army’s image and won’t do anyone any good.

In all cases, I am glad and proud that the Lebanese Army described the incident as an isolated one and that they will hold responsible every soldier carrying out acts of this kind. Speaking of Arsal, I strongly believe the army should wipe these scumbags all out and don’t stop before the mission is complete. There’s no point of negotiating with these groups and time is on their side not ours.

PS: Why weren’t the billions donated to the Lebanese Army approved yet by our government?

My Favorite Lebanese Blogs Aggregator Just Got Better!

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I am a regular reader of LebaneseBlogs and the latest added features just made it better for me as a blogger and a reader. As a blogger, I can now include for example my food posts under the “Food & Health” section instead of having them only under “Society” as that’s how the blog is currently categorized. Moreover, I can edit posts as well on LebaneseBlogs if I need to. As a reader, I am able to sign in with Twitter, Facebook & Google and follow the pages I want (I prefer Follows to Favorites) and like the posts I wish to read later. Added to that, the page looks nicer and loads faster now.

I love the work Mustapha is pulling as LebaneseBlogs is organizing the Lebanese Blogosphere in a user-friendly and smart way and encouraging bloggers to post more!

Check it out [Here].

Judo Athlete Elias Nacif Grabs Silver For Lebanon At The 17th Asian Games In Incheon

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Elias-nacif-silver-medal-lebanon-asian-games-2014 Picture via sports-961

Elias Nacif defeated Erihemubatu (CHI) in the round of 16, Ghasemi Nejad Amir in the quarter finals and Kalkamanuly Aziz in the semi finalsbefore losing to Kim Jaebum in the final. This is a great result for Elias and the first medial for Lebanon!

Let’s hope more medals will come our way. Here’s the list of all 41 athletes representing Lebanon in Incheon as posted on Sports-961 website:

. Ali Hazer, 400 meters Hurdles
. Gretta Taslakian

. Najd Salloum, 75kg

Canoe Kayak:
. Richard Merjan, Obstacle C1 – Slalom

. Salah Rabah, Road Race
. Zahir El Hajj, MTB – Cross Country

. Dominique Tannous, Epee
. Mona Shaito, Foil

. Karen Shammas, -70kg
. Damien Ziade, -60kg
. Elias Nacif, -80kg
. Francois Charbel Saade (Juniors), -90kg

. Karim Jammal, Captain
. Frederick Makhlouf
. Fadi Saad
. Walid Yassine
. Hassan Karaki
. George Aroyan
. Robin Hachache
. Ibrahim Ballout
. Rudy Hachache
. Jad Al Hachem
. Joseph Touma
. Raymond Asfour

. Ray Bassil, Trap – Double Trap
. Joe Salim, Trap – Team
. Alain Moussa, Trap – Team
. Walid Najjar, Trap – Team
. Elie Akiki, Double Trap – Team
. Wissam Khalil, Double Trap – Team
. Elias Kaadi, Double Trap – Team

. Gabriella Doueihi, 50m freestyle – 100m freestyle – 50m Butterfly – 100m Butterfly
. Anthony Barbar, 200m freestyle – 400m freestyle – 800m freestyle – 200m IM – 400m IM

Table Tennis:
. Lara Kejebachian, Single – Mixed Double
. Rachid El Boubou, Single – Mixed Double

. Elias Hayeck, -63kg
. Fadi Bekhazi, -68kg
. Michel Samaha, -74kg
. Elias Hedary, +87kg

. Avedis Seropiab, All Round Tajiquan
. Patricia Nseir, Changquan
. Elias El Rayess, Sanda -75kg

Lebanese-American Rula Saade Ghani Is Afghanistan’s First Lady

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Afghanistan Votes in National Elections

Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai was declared today as the winner of Afghanistan’s presidential elections. His wife and the new country’s First Lady is called Roula Saade Ghani and is Lebanese-American. Rula and the president met in Lebanon during their AUB years. Let’s hope she will work on improving women’s rights in Afghanistan among other things.