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I was just informed today by a friend that we can get a detailed statement of our phone bill every month via email and for free!

I remember we had to go to Alfa and ask for an official bill and even pay for it or something. Anyway the procedure is very simple:

Fax your full name, phone number, valid email address and signature to Alfa at : +961 3 391124

They will call you to confirm some information and then start emailing you on a monthly basis. I’ve always wondered why sometimes my bill is that high, guess i can stop wondering now.

9 thoughts on “Alfa E-Statement for Free

  1. haissam

    im pretty sure fax machines are going extinct , and why the hell would they have to “fax” it? i mean wouldn’t an email be more conveniant haha 😛

  2. Chahe

    Faxing it still acceptable, Banque Audi sent me a message for their Audi Cards programs. They want the customer to download a pdf file, fill it out and deliver it physically to the bank… why can’t they just automate this??

  3. Najib Post author

    I think i figured this out ..
    It’s a fax because Israelis dont use it anymore lol! that way those Israeli agents in Alfa wont know about us 😛 !

  4. Chahe

    Dude how old is this picture?? notice the phones they are using? Nokia 6110, Motorola Startac and an Ericsson before Sony-Ericsson merged. That’s funny 🙂


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