Biking Trails & Locations in #Lebanon

If you haven't experienced Lebanon by bike you're definitely missing out. Even though there aren't that many pre-set bike trails, there are plenty of awesome locations where you can bike and enjoy the sceneries. Few years back, we used to go on a trail all the way from Hrajil to Afqa and it was a beautiful one, biking between Amchit and Batroun is also quite enjoyable. Here are the bike trails/locations that I know of:…

Helping Lebanon’s Veteran Actress Renee Deek

Renee Deek is a veteran Lebanese actress and one of the leading stars of the pre-civil war period. She performed in several plays with her most memorable one being her role in The Two Maids as the mistress, alongside Randa al-Asmar and Julia Kassar, directed by Jawad al-Assadi from a script by Jean Genet. A second version of the play also came out in 2009. She also took part in a couple of recent Lebanese…

Pedal For Peace: 120+ Women Will Ride their Bicycles Across Lebanon

2 months ago
More than 120 women representation Lebanon and several countries across the globe will embark on a journey starting September 30th till October 8th and will ride their bicycles through different regions in Lebanon. Pedal for ...

A New “Age of Empires” Game is Officially in Development

2 months ago
I think “Age of Empires” was the first game I’ve ever played in a network place. I remember very well the three hottest games back in the late 90s were Outlaws, Delta Force & Age ...

Where Did All the Solar-Powered Lights Go?

2 months ago
Is it just me or did the solar-powered lights disappear from the Dora highway? I’m not sure when that happened but I only noticed it last week. Come to think of it, I don’t recall ...

Cold Stone Opening Soon in #Beirut

2 months ago
I spotted this morning a Cold Stone sign on one of the shops in M1 building in DownTown Beirut and it looks like it’s opening really soon. Cold Stone Creamery is an American ice cream ...

Few Thoughts on Miss Lebanon 2017

2 months ago
Perla el-Helou, a 22 year old business administration graduate, was crowned Miss Lebanon 2017 last night. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I thought this year’s candidates were more mature (and beautiful) than ...

Beirut Ranked 101st Most Stressful City in the World

2 months ago
An online website (Zipjet) ranked the least and most stressful cities in the world using various factors such as green spaces, public transport, mental health, noise pollution, sunshine hours, air pollution, traffic and race equality. ...

Lebanon’s First Hockey Team

2 months ago
A group of Lebanese Montrealers who love to play hockey have decided to get organized and form Lebanon’s first hockey team. There’s still no formal structure but they have already played a couple of exhibition ...

Spiderman el Lebnene

2 months ago
Our friend Elie Iskandar is kicking off a series of animated shorts entitled “Lebanese Superheroes” and kicked off with the Lebanese Spiderman, who smokes Arguile and get tangled in electric & moteur wires. Elie is ...