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Lebanese Women Football Team Beats Algeria To Qualify To The Arab U-17 Women’s Cup Final

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U17 women

Lebanon’s U17 national women’s football team humiliated Qatar 7-0 in Doha and made it to the final by defeating Algeria 1-0 yesterday. The final will be played tomorrow against Djibouti at the Grand Hamad stadium in Doha at 16:45 pm. The 2015 Arab U17 Women’s Cup is the 1st edition of the Arab U-17 Women’s Cup for national women’s football teams for under 17 affiliated with the Union of Arab Football Associations (UAFA). [Wiki]

Lebanon already met Djibouti in the group stage and drew 2-2 so the final game promises to be a a close one! I don’t think the tournament is being aired on any channel (at least not that I know of) so good luck to our ladies and let’s hope they bring back the cup home!

Ex-Prime Minister Najib Mikati First Lebanese To Speak At The Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies

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mikati Picture via Lebanon24

The Oxford Center for Islamic Studies was established in 1985 to encourage the scholarly study of Islam and the Islamic world and is headed by HRH The Prince of Wales. Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandella, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, The Prince of Wales and other distinguished statesmen and scholars have given lectures in the past years at the center. This year, former Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati gave lecture on ‘Islam and the Challenges of Modernization’ which is quite an interesting topic to be honest.

I couldn’t find the full text yet but I spotted these tweets PM Mikati posted in the past few hours and that were part of his lecture apparently. I do agree that moderates should be taking the lead and become more proactive and I think Lebanon is in need of such moderates to contain extremist groups, specially in Mikati’s hometown Tripoli. I’ve always believed that Lebanon’s real problem is not just politics, but the lack of dialogue between different parties and the extremist views most Lebanese have in almost every topic (I’m finalizing a post on this topic).

I will update the post with the full text once available.


There’s An Israeli With Hiba Tawaji On Mika’s Team

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An Israeli singer called Sharon Laloum has recently joined Mika’s team on the Voice France just like Hiba Tawaji did a week before. We’ve all seen how people made a fuss out of Miss Lebanon’s picture so let’s hope Hiba won’t face such problems during the competition.

Legally speaking, and as per the rules of Lebanese-Israeli engagement, we can’t chat, interact or even become FB friends with any Israeli. Personally speaking, I think it is important to differentiate between politics and cultural events or competitions. It’s wrong to deny a talented Lebanese artist or athlete the right to compete and win a medal of his country just because he’s opposed to an Israeli.

In all cases, I think Hiba is smart enough to avoid any controversies and focus on winning this edition of the Voice!


Rare Footage From 1941 Of Lebanon’s Ski School In The Cedars

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british Old Picture of British Troops in the Cedars Back In the 1940s – via Old Beirut

Check out this pretty cool footage from 1941 that was shot by the Australian Imperial Forces in the Cedars. There was a storm probably similar to the one we’re having this week and Becharre residents helped dig out the snow to clear the road for the trucks as the supplies were running low.


Originally shared by Nadine Mazloum – LBCI

It’s (Almost) Snowing In Beirut

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Biel Biel – via Sara Assaf

It’s freezing outside and all of Lebanon is covered in white even Beirut. Check out these amazing pictures from Beirut and its surrounding. That’s one heck of a storm!

Achrafieh Achrafieh Sassine – via Achrafieh Stairs

Mar Mikhael Mar Mikhael – via Jason Mardini

Alexei Achrafieh – via Alexei Hanna

Annahar Ida GHssain From Annahar building – via Ilda

Here are some pictures from Harissa, Broummana and Dbayyeh taken in the past hours:

Harissa Harissa – via Jimmy Ghazal

Broummanna2 Broummana – via Elie Zamroud

Dbayyeh Dbayyeh via Charbel Salameh

Check out this amazing [video] as well.

Six Lebanese Among The Top 100 Powerful Arabs 2015 List

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It’s great to see Karl Sharro on that list! Congrats man!

Here’s the list of all Lebanese who made it on that list with their corresponding ranking:

4- Carlos Slim, Honorary Chairman Ameirca Movil
10- Carlos Ghosn, Chairman And CEO Renault/Nissan
36- Elie Saab, Fashion Designer
53- Nayla Hayek, Chairwoman & CEO Swatch Group, Harry Winston
76- Zuhair Mrad, Fashion Designer
99- Karl Sharro, Commentator And Architect.

HRH Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud topped the list.

Kicking Off The Day With A Laugh

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dayn If you are 99 and your father is still alive, you can pay on credit lol! via Annahar

I compiled these funny pictures from last week into one post.

IMG-20150205-WA0007 Classy Driver – Thanks Rachel!

love Tripoli kind of love – via Lebanesememes

rola yammout Real Hariri love – via Hayda 7ake

banana May Hariri feeling threatened by rising star ZeeZee M

bousso Angelina to be replaced soon by Zein el Atat

How Did Zein El Atat Become A Goodwill Ambassador? WTF Did I Miss?

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The UN An organization has apparently appointed Zein el Atat as an ambassador of goodwill for human rights for the International Human Rights commission. This guy was banned at some point back in 2011 and how he’s selling his products in pharmacies and is a good will ambassador? How is that possible?

Update: The organization has no relation to the UN which is good news. I wonder how that entitles him to get a diplomatic passport though

Update 2: Organization is fake according to this article.