#Lifehaus: The First Self-Sufficient Project in the Middle East Coming to Baskinta

Lifehaus is the first low cost fully self-sufficient project in the Middle East that is designed to lower the carbon footprint ​using upcycled, local materials and ancestral techniques. The founder and architect behind LifeHaus is Nizar Haddad who was driven by his interest in green architecture "to develop the LIFEHAUS project which revisits and applies multiple long forgotten ancestral building methods, employing the knowledge of masters to produce the most optimal, ecological, self-sufficient and economical…

Castania to Replace Al Rifai at Beirut Duty Free

I noticed Al Rifai's ads all over the billboards in the past few days and wasn't sure if they were celebrating a milestone or sending out a message. I checked their Facebook page and they had a small video explaining what this is all about. It appears that they will no longer operate at the Beirut Duty Free and they're not really happy about it. In fact, they're contesting the decision and wondering about the…

A Busy Summer Schedule For Wael Kfoury

1 month ago
We were talking about summer festivals last week and someone mentioned that Wael Kfoury is performing in like 10 festivals, which is not quite common given how highly-rated and popular the singer is. But I ...

What You’re Missing Out At The 2017 Beirut Cultural Festivals

1 month ago
Wednesday June 28th was the opening night for Beirut’s Cultural Festivals and the first screening of a “Journey Through Time”, the festival’s centerpiece and a true masterpiece. From the live orchestra, the script, the spectacular ...

Roadster Diner & Zaatar W Zeit Now Open Side-By-Side in Broumana

1 month ago
Even if you weren’t that familiar with the Broumana area, you only needed to follow the traffic and the lights yesterday to spot the newly open Roadster Diner & Zaatar w Zeit outlets. The new ...

85-year-old Man Killed over Brevet Celebrations

1 month ago
Every year, it’s the same story all over again. Idiots shooting guns in the air to celebrate their kids passing the Brevet exam and the outcome is also the same: More innocent people dying or ...

Plans for A New Bus Line (LOL) From Beirut to Tabarja

1 month ago
I have no idea how LBCI’s anchors didn’t laugh their asses off while reporting this story, and I love how they’re claiming it’s good news for the Lebanese people driving from Jounieh to Beirut every ...

Who’s Protecting Lebanese Cameramen and Reporters?

1 month ago
LBCI’s cameraman Samir Baytamouni was attacked and beaten yesterday when he was filming a report on Mansouri’s turtle sanctuary and the construction works around it. LBCI reporter Sobhiya Najjar luckily managed to get the whole ...

How to Enjoy A Beach Day in Lebanon On a 50,000 LBP Budget

1 month ago
It’s the end of the month, I’m almost out of money (as usual) but the weather is too nice not to be at the beach. I usually spend somewhere between $50 and $70 on my ...

Happy Faces: Bringing a Touch of Joy to Tripoli’s Underprivileged areas

1 month ago
Eid is an occasion for children to celebrate and reunite with their loved ones but unfortunately that’s not the case in several areas in Lebanon and especially in Tripoli, Lebanon’s second-largest city and one of ...