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Pine Nuts Shortage In Lebanon

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Pine nuts prices have gone up by 40% in the past two years according to the this LBCI report. 1 pine nuts kilo costs now 100,000 LL which is quite expensive but not surprising given that pine nuts have always been pricey and they are not that available worldwide not just in Lebanon. Unfortunately in Lebanon, the problem is that there are no serious initiatives by the government or concerned ministries to grow more pine trees and we have hundreds if not thousands of pine trees destroyed every year by “intentional” forest fires.

PS: Nothing beats adding pine nuts on a Hummus and Kawarma plate.


Everything You Need To Know On Oil And Gas And Lebanon’s Strategic Environmental Assessment

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Executive Magazine has been doing a tremendous job following up on potential offshore oil and gas activities in Lebanon and what the The Lebanese Petroleum Administration has been up to. The latest is a nicely summarized guide of the 900 pages strategic environmental assessment (SEA) related to potential offshore oil and gas activities that the LPA has published.

Check it out [Here]. There’s another useful [website] that keeps posting updates on oil and gas in Lebanon.

9 Must-Try Dishes In Beirut According To Don’t Believe In Jet Lag

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The list doesn’t include only dishes and is not very specific but it’s a good recommendation for people visiting Beirut for the first time or looking to try out specialties here. Pine-nut Hummus, Kaak at Abou Arab, breakfast buffet at the Four Seasons, Em Sherif, Sea Bream Sashimi at Al Sultan Ibrahim, Sahyoun’s Falafel and Tawlet are great choices.

Maybe I should come up with my own list as there are so many things to add here. I’ll work on it and post it soon.

Check out the full list [Here].

Horrible Story: Housekeeper Kills Toddler Girl To Cover Up House Items Theft

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girl via Naharnet

I heard about the sudden death of Celine few days ago and how a doctor was being interrogated as she died a day after being vaccinated. As it turns out and based on the ISF report, the family’s Ethiopian housekeeper had killed the girl after she caught her stealing house items.

That’s a terrible story but something’s weird about this story. If the girl was strangled, why didn’t they figure that out at first? Why did they blame the doctor directly?

May she R.I.P.

Vinifest 2014: The Multiplicity of Wine

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Beirut’s wine festival (Vinifest) kicked off yesterday and will go on till Saturday 11th of October 2014 from 6:30 pm till 11:30 pm at the Beirut Hippodrome. Last year’s edition attracted over 60 exhibitors and 23,000 visitors and this year promises to be even better, despite the bad weather. If you like wine and wish to sample some of the best wines in Lebanon, Vinifest is where you should be going.

I will be there on Saturday. See you all and cheers!

Sneak Peek: Divvy Mar Mikhael Where Sharing Is Caring

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Divvy is a new restaurant opening soon in Mar Mikhael and it looks really cool. I passed by yesterday to check it out and learn more about the new concept they’re introducing as well as their food menu. Divvy is located on the main Mar Mikhael street right after Happy Prince which is the best place to open right now in Beirut. Divvy is all about sharing and its dishes are designed in a way that can be easily shared.



Divvy looks cozy and cool and I loved the outdoor terrace. There’s a bar at the entrance since we’re in Mar Mikhael and people would love to have a drink or two before dinner but smoking won’t be allowed inside which is great news. As far as the food is concerned, I didn’t have a full dinner experience as I was in a rush but I got to try out some of the items on the menu and they were delicious!

I will be visiting very soon with a group of friends in order to write a proper review so stay tuned!

You can check out more about Divvy [Here].

IMG-20141008-WA0005 Brie N Bluberry

IMG-20141008-WA0006 Country Steak Sandwich



IMG-20141008-WA0010 Great Steak!

20141008_180346 Some things are better left not shared indeed!

A Lebanese Harvest Dinner

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dinner posted yesterday the menu for a cozy fall dinner inspired by the home cooking of Lebanon. It included Fattet Hummus, Kafta bil Sayniyeh, Loubieh Bi Zeit, Tabbouleh, Zaatar Man’oushé and Ma’amoul bil Tamer.

If it were up to me, I’d replace Fattet Hummus with a Kechek soup and the Tabbouleh with Fattoush or maybe get mini Zaatar and Kechek Manakish to replace the big Zaatar Man2ouche and Fatté. As for Maamoul, I don’t know why I never enjoyed eating them except on holidays, mainly Easter. Um Ali would be a perfect replacement but it’s not Lebanese.

Check out the full article [Here].

Gather friends and family around the table for a cozy fall dinner inspired by the home cooking of Lebanon: tender lamb patties seasoned with a mix of allspice, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, fenugreek, ginger, and nutmeg; flaky flatbread with toasted sesame seeds, za’atar served with and bright wedges of ripe tomato; a layered dish of baked pita and chickpeas with spiced yogurt and brown butter; and plenty of other comforting dishes bathed in fruity Lebanese olive oil.

Fattet Hummus (Chickpeas with Pita and Spiced Yogurt)
Kefta bil Sayniyeh (Spiced Lamb Patties with Tomato and Onion)
Loubieh bil Zeit (Romano Beans with Tomatoes)
Man’oushé bil Za’atar (Flatbread with Za’atar)
Ma’amoul bil Tamer (Lebanese Date Shortbread)

Lebanon Is In For A Harsh Winter

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[Picture from sietske-in-beiroet]

Last year we heard the same thing yet we barely got a winter season. Let’s hope they are right this year as we desperately need it.

Usually swarms of wasps and bees are not seen as a good omen, but the large numbers spotted in coastal areas up north are being hailed by some as a sign of a rainy and snowy winter to come, something Lebanon desperately needs after a year of drought and low rainfall.

According to some elderly residents in Lebanese villages, wasps and bees have good instincts when it comes to changes in the weather and their escape from mountainous areas to warmer regions is a sign of an imminent drop in temperatures, coupled with rains and snow. [DailyStar]

Tripoli’s Mohammad el Mir Wins Gold At The Junior Mental Calculation World Championship 2014

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mohammad Mohammad is the one in the pinkish shirt in front

I loved mental calculation as a kid and I was always among the first in my class but I wasn’t nearly as good as this kid is. Mohammad el Mir came first at The Junior Mental Calculation World Championship 2014 which took place in Germany this year. He won gold in the Juniors1 category which is for kids under 12. I looked up the results on the Junior Mental Calculation World Championship Facebook group and it says that Mohammad is representing Canada not Lebanon for some reason. In all cases, congrats to Mohammad and Lebanon!

Here’s a nice report by MTV on Mohammad’s achievement.

Here are this year’s winners / Hier sind die diesjährigen Sieger:

Juniors1 (age / Alter 8-11):
1. Mohammad El Mir (Canada)
2. Sundaresh Sundaragopal (India)
3. Nityashri Sankaran (India)

Juniors 2 (age / Alter 12-14):
1. Granth Thakkar (India)
2. Wenzel Grüß (Germany)
3. Martin Drees (Germany)

Seniors (age / Alter 15-17):
1. Izdar Abulizi (Germany)
2. Max Weber (Germany)
3. Michael Rother (Germany)

Congratulations to the winners and of course all other participants!
Herzlichen Glückwunsch an alle Sieger und natürlich auch alle anderen Teilnehmer!

Myriam Neaimeh The First Lebanese To Score In The FA Women’s Premier League!

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Myriam joined Newcastle United a couple of years ago and has scored in their last game against Guiseley AFC Vixens. I don’t think we ever had any Lebanese playing in the FA Women’s Premier League so congrats to Myriam! I tried looking for a video but couldn’t find any.

Myriam plays in the FA WPL league, which comes right after the FA WSL which is the highest league.