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Dodgem, A Movie by Christophe Karabache

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Something tells me this movie won’t make it to the Lebanese theaters.

In an insecure suburb of Beirut, Nour, a Lebanese transvestite, meets Vanesa, a Spanish model who poses for a photographic project and both set up a bizarre relationship. The project is blocked. Nothing happens as predicted. Vanesa stays in the apartment, feels bored, drinks too much alcohol and is lost in her dreams. Nour frequently visits his violent lover and realizes his marginal habits. In the street, young boys beat some people with slingshots…

For All “وأشرقت الشمس” Fans

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Picture via NowLebanon

I have no clue what this show is about but it seems everyone in Lebanon is watching it lately so I thought I share this “interesting” piece of information. A kiss between the show’s two main actors has been censored apparently as requested by the main actress Aimee Sayyah.

I wonder if Bébé had anything to do with that :P

lol via LebanonFiles

Lebanese Rima Njeim Trying To Break The Record For The Longest Airing Live Radio Show

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I didn’t know who Rima Njeim was up until yesterday. Apparently she’s famous in Lebanon for her radio show and she’s attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest airing live radio show (40 hours Live on Air). She’s also doing it for a humanitarian cause which is pretty cool.

Here’s a [link] to MTV’s Interview with Rima. Notice the great camera angle :S

Good Luck Rima!

Update: Rima Njeim now holds the Guinness World Record For The Longest Airing Live Radio Show!


So I Watched Bébé

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I didn’t like the trailer and I wasn’t planning to watch the movie but I ended up going after I read that over 20,000 have seen the movie in its first 4 days. I also went through the movie’s Facebook page and saw that a lot of Lebanese actors gave the movie a positive feedback.

However from the moment the movie started till the last minute, I couldn’t understand what the hell I was watching or what was this movie’s purpose. Moreover, I couldn’t believe people actually thought some scenes were funny and were laughing out loud. The plot made no sense, some of the actors were horrible (Specially Bébé’s brother), most of the jokes lame and let’s not talk about the ending.

Mirva was hot though.


PS: The movie will start showing in Dubai on the 5th of December 2013.