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Dancing With The Stars Is Back

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I was checking the participants for this year’s edition of Dancing With The Stars and I noticed Elie Stephan is among them. He’s a pretty good basketball player and a cool guy but If I were him, I’d ask MTV to take out that poster, edit the bio and put it back up.

Two reasons for that:
- In the opening sentence, he’s saying Basketball comes before his family, his education and even his love life??? I’d understand love life and to a certain extent education (Even though it sends out the wrong message) but before the family?? Seriously?

- In the 5th line, they mention that he wore the No.9 like Michael Jordan did. Hmm as far as I know MJ is known for wearing No.23 and for some time No.45. He did wear No.9 in the USA team, but he’s known for 23 not 9.

A Short Documentary on The Beirut Neighborhood of North Philadelphia

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Eugene Martin’s “Beirut” Show

Unfortunately, there are still gun battles taking place in Beirut every now and then and the last one was yesterday in Tariq el Jdidé.

The area of Beirut, Philadelphia is just 3 square blocks. It was named that way by the people who lived there in the late 90s since there was a gun battle for about 2 weeks and at the time, there was a war in Lebanon and Beirut was on the news a lot.

Arabs Got Talent: Ahmed Al Dousary forbidden from repeating any animal act in the semis

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Most of you have seen by now the video of the Snake/Scorpion Eating Saudi “Arab Talent” called Ahmed Al Dousary that I shared earlier today. His act on the popular show “Arabs Got Talent” has caused outrage and the fact that he was allowed into the semi-finals made things even worse.

Luckily though, one of the Arabs Got Talent judges Ali Jaber condemned his act and stated that Ahmed Al Dousary won’t be allowed to repeat any animal act in the semi finals. To be honest, I think he should have stopped the guy before as the judges looked like they were enjoying the show and the harm is done now, but the good news is that Ahmed Al Dousary won’t be allowed to abuse further animals (at least not on the Arabs Got Talent show).

Here’s what Ali Jaber said:

“Dear Mouin, to answer your question, of course I am against animal cruelty and have always voted out all acts of violence, self-mutilation and animal abuse. I also believe AGT is not the platform to showcase these acts, however, these acts are present in our society and televisions’ role is to expose them and explain why and how wrong they are. We have already edited out the act from our online catch up service and won’t allow the contestant to repeat any animal act in the semi finals.”

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