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Amal, A Movie By Yasmine Ghorayeb On Domestic Violence and Marital Rape

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Domestic violence and marital rape are still unfortunately very common in Lebanon and there are still no laws to properly protect women from abusive and possessive husbands. It’s hard to believe but a woman was killed each month in Lebanon as a result of domestic violence between 2010 and 2014.

Amal tells the story of a young woman who wants to escape her abusing and insanely possessive husband, only to find out that her freedom carries a very high price. Yasmine wants her movie to be “a tribute to all these women, young or old, battered or raped, physically beaten up or psychologically humiliated” and is hoping that it will contribute to making a change somehow.

The screenplay was developed at the Cinephilia Productions Screenwriting Lab for Shorts in 2013 and was awarded the Best Screenplay Award by a Jury selection committee in New York, representing Beirut, so it deserves our support whether by spreading the word or funding it.

You can show your support [Here].


CNN: Exploring The Secrets Of Beirut

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Secrets of Beirut

We need hours and hours to explore the hidden gems of our beloved city Beirut. I hope to see more of these videos.

Check it out [Here] and what Zawarib is all about [Here].

Throughout our #CTWLiveFrom tour across the Middle East we’ve been keen to show you the unknown sides of the cities we’ve visited through the eyes of those who live there and know them best. Bahi Ghubril was our ideal candidate in the Lebanese capital Beirut. He’s the publisher of the city’s first street atlas, Zawarib, and has been exploring the hidden gems of the city for years.

Marcel Ghanem’s Storming Intro and His Take On Charles Aznavour

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It seems Marcel Ghanem managed to anger a lot of people (not me) during his last show including Charles Aznavour fans. In fact, towards the end of his 8 minutes long intro, He bashed Aznavour’s suggestion to put Iraqi refugees in French deserted villages.

I have to say his Aznavour comment was a bit harsh, but what the French singer was proposing is also unacceptable. After all, Aznavour is an Armenian and what happened to his community is happening now to the Christian and Yazidi communities in Iraq. The international community should not stand still and offer deserted villages to the refugees, but instead wipe out these IS savages until there’s not a single one of them left.


Robin Williams Has Four Upcoming Movies

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Academy-to-Robin-Williams-Genie-youre-free The Academy Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams, who died on Monday, has apparently finished filming four movies that will be released in the coming months. There’s Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb where Williams plays President Theodore Roosevelt, a holiday movie called Merry Friggin’ Christmas, comedy film Absolutely Anything where Williams voiced Dennis the Dog and Boulevard which premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. There were talks about a sequel to Mrs. Doubtfire as well but the film would probably not go on without its star.


I will definitely be watching these movies and I am currently downloading the old Mork & Mindy seasons to watch them over the weekend, as well as Good Morning Vietnam, Patch Adams and Dead Poets Society.

RIP Funnyman.


photo-3-2-650x487 House where Mork & Mindy was filmed

wow World of Warcraft pays tribute to Robin Williams

Quick Review: The Expendables 3

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If you loved the previous two Expendables movies, you will definitely love this one. There’s a nice twist to the story towards the start and the new additions to the team include some really cool characters, except for Antonio Banderas who doesn’t belong in this movie in my opinion. I thought the movie was a bit long though as it’s over 2 hours but it’s action-packed and the final battle lasts a good 25 minutes.

I wish they’d stop here and stop making Expendables movies, but it doesn’t look like Stallone wants this franchise to end anytime soon. Expect to see Pierce Brosnan, Hulk Hogan and maybe Dwayne Johnson in the fourth film.

The Expendables 3 starts showing today in Lebanese theaters.

LBCI Changed Its Logo To LBن

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It appears that they’ve done so in solidarity with the Iraqi Christians of Mossul. They also had an interview with an Iraqi Sunni journalist Muslim called Dalia al-Aqidi who decided to wear a cross around her neck in solidarity with her country’s Christian minority.

To be honest, I’d expect Tele Lumiere to do so instead of LBCI but it’s a nice initiative nevertheless.