Darresne: Linking Students to Tutors

4 months ago
Finding a tutoring job is not easy, you usually get it if you work at a school or from word of mouth. Darresne makes the process simpler and increases the opportunity of being hired. Darresne ...

Samy Khayath Awarded the French Recognition Medal

4 months ago
The French Ambassador honored Lebanese humorist Samy Khayyat on Friday by granting him the French Recognition Medal, to celebrate 60 years of artistic accomplishments. The ceremony was held in the SCAC Gardens, in the French ...

COVID-19 Updates: Plan To Re-Open The Country Revealed

7 months ago
The spread of the Coronavirus, aka COVID-19, has had the country on lockdown since the beginning of March. Social distancing, staying at home, businesses, and schools closing their doors to employees and students. Even license ...

#JobsforLebanon: Make Lebanon Work

7 months ago
In addition to the health pandemic that the World is suffering from, Lebanon has been going through a disastrous economic crisis with soaring unemployment rates and thousands of business closures. For that purpose and earlier ...

Banks To Close Until the 29th of March

8 months ago
The Association of Banks in Lebanon went against the government’s decision and decided to close all banks until the 29th of March in light of the COVID19 crisis. The decision was taken according to ABL ...

Lebanon’s First Appearance in the Brazilian Carnival

9 months ago
Every year, to celebrate the onset of Lent, the forty days of abstinence before Easter, a Carnival of colors is held in Sao Paolo. This year, Lebanon will be taking part for the first time ...

Tripoli (Victoria) Naval Cemetery

9 months ago
We’ve all been to Tripoli, but I bet few of you know that there’s a naval cemetery from WWII in Al Mina. The cemetery is managed and maintained by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC), ...

2019 Corruption Index: Lebanon Ranked 137 Out of 180

10 months ago
“Nearly one in two people in Lebanon is offered bribes in exchange for their votes, while more than one in four receive threats if they don’t vote a certain way”. [Full Report] I think this ...

Chekka Going for World Record Christmas Tree

1 year ago
Amidst the turbulence and chaos in the country, the municipality of Chekka, with the help of Arc en ciel, has decided to take an environmental leap and attempt to build a Christmas tree made of ...

“Tafah El Kel”: Enough is Enough

1 year ago
For the past few months, we have seen more than a few crises and protests occurring on a regular basis either for political, economical or social reasons. Elie Alpha, a young architect student, created a ...