Chekka Going for World Record Christmas Tree

2 months ago
Amidst the turbulence and chaos in the country, the municipality of Chekka, with the help of Arc en ciel, has decided to take an environmental leap and attempt to build a Christmas tree made of ...

“Tafah El Kel”: Enough is Enough

3 months ago
For the past few months, we have seen more than a few crises and protests occurring on a regular basis either for political, economical or social reasons. Elie Alpha, a young architect student, created a ...
Movies & Television

Movie Review: Joker [2019]

3 months ago
After his first appearance in the first Batman and several movies along the years, finally, we have an original story on one of the most popular villains of all time, The Joker. Director Todd Phillips, ...

ESCWA Road Reopens After 8 Years, Salim Slem Works Still Ongoing

4 months ago
ESCWA road was finally reopened after almost 8 years by orders of Interior Minister Raya el Hassan, in an attempt to ease traffic. I never understood why this road was closed in the first place, ...

Beirut Maronite Archbishop Set to Help Poor Families Enroll in Schools

4 months ago
New Beirut Maronite Archbishop Boulos AbdelSater, who replaced Boulos Matar back in June, is taking several measures to try help needy families and members of his church. First rumors spread that he sold some of ...

Restaurant Madito Ranked #1 Restaurant in Paris

4 months ago
Lebanese chef Ahmad El Turk moved to Paris in 2015 and spent a couple of years tasting and evaluating other similar restaurants in the area until he decided to open up his small shop in ...

Paul Van Dyk To Perform on September 9th at The Gärten Beirut

5 months ago
The last time PVD was in town, Pier 7 was still open and he was performing there. Five years later, The international DJ & producer is coming back to Lebanon to perform at The Gärten ...

Movie Review: The Lion King [2019]

5 months ago
The Lion King was the first-ever movie I bought as a videocassette. I even bought the booklet and collected all the stickers back then. Even though it’s been released some 25 years ago, I still ...

Greater Beirut Public Transport Project

5 months ago
Over the past few years, congestion in and out of Beirut has been a major issue. Over 600,000 vehicles access Beirut from the North, South and East regions. Some solutions have included public transport but ...

Trash Crisis In the North: No Solution In Sight

5 months ago
There does not seem to be a solution for Lebanon’s waste management crisis in the North. This pressing issue has resulted in streets full of trash and a harmful atmosphere for over 300,000 thousand residents. ...