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Lebanon: Not As Seen on TV

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These videos are part of the Live Love Lebanon campaign and were shot by young Lebanese to show alternative gateways in Lebanon and emphasize on Lebanese hospitality, eco-tourism and basic pleasures in life.

You’ve seen the international news reports. You’ve heard the talk. But Lebanon is much more than that. From exciting Beirut nights to the serenity of its villages, and from the crashing waves of its shores to its snow-capped mountains, the Lebanese are showing the world what their country is truly about.


Grand Hyatt Beirut Under Construction

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I was walking around DownTown Beirut when I spotted the Grand Hyatt construction site. I haven’t seen or heard about it before but based on what I’ve read, its construction was suspended due to the regional and local tensions but they resumed the works back in September 2013. The hotel is expected to be open by 2015.

Grand Hyatt

The hotel will be very close to Down Town Beirut, to the Zaitunay bay and Beirut’s New Waterfront.



Bringing Back The Tourists: LiveLoveLebanon Campaign Launched

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The #LiveLoveLebanon campaign was launched yesterday by the Minister of Tourism in an attempt to promote unorthodox touristic activities in Lebanon. Tourists will now be able to plan their trip to Lebanon by choosing from various themed packages available on

The website looks nice, the initiative is great and the themes are well chosen, but I hate the fact that we end up opening old PDF documents with barely any pictures. Even the front page doesn’t show any picture of Lebanon. Tourists like to see where they are going and how it looks like and we have tons of beautiful pictures to promote Lebanon with, so let’s use them!

One more thing, I looked at the Fun Lovers theme and there’s only Golfing in Beirut. You’d expect partying, rafting, climbing, scuba diving, ATV rides when we talk about fun so it would be great to add a couple of awesome packages here.

PS: I urge Minister Pharaon to revamp the current MOT site because it’s ugly!

L’Hote Libanais: Lebanese Families Invite You To Stay With Them

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Instead of staying in hotels the next time you visit Lebanon, L’Hote Libanais gives you the opportunity to stay with Lebanese families in their own homes. You can either stay with Jamil in his 84 year old Beirut home, chill with the Emirs in Roula’s mountain house in the Chouf area, or chill at Colette’s seaside house in Batroun.

I think a lot of tourists and locals would love this experience as it’s different from the hotel stay and closer to the real life in Beirut and Lebanon as a whole. We need more of these Bed & Breakfast places in order to promote tourism in Lebanon and let people discover the whole country and not just visit Beirut, go to the Jeita Grotto and Baalbeck.

Check out the website [Here].

Raouche in Beirut: Past vs. Present

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I spotted this old picture of Raouche in the 1960s on OldBeirut and dug out some recent pictures of Raouche. If you look down on the right, there’s a huge space that hasn’t changed much in years, known as Dalieh which has natural caves and has been used by fishermen for years. However it looks like there are plans to turn this area into a private luxury marine as reported by Habib.

I think it would be shameful to turn Dalieh, one of Beirut’s last public shores, into yet another fancy project that barely few Lebanese have access to. A group of activists have started an online civil campaign that you can check out [Here].

raouche2 via Flickr


How To Spend One Day In Lebanon

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I started this “How To Spend One Day In Lebanon” series of posts last year but had to stop them given the security situation at the time. However, I am hoping that this summer will be better for Lebanon so I will resume the posts in the upcoming weeks.

The 3 posts I’ve written last year are still valid and you can check them out below:

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