Cedarcom vs. MOT

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As some 4,000 Lebanese take 3G for a test-drive this month, battles continue to rage between the Telecommunications Ministry and Cedarcom, an Internet Service Provider petitioning for the technology’s suspension.

Cedarcom has taken legal action against the ministry, alleging that the government had not taken the proper legal routes to release the new service. [DailyStar]

I don’t know who’s right or wrong in this case, but I hope both parties reach some sort of agreement on this matter as it is unacceptable that we keep connections as they are.

It would be nice to hear Cedarcom’s feedback since they read the blog before we hear Sehnaoui tonight.

2 thoughts on “Cedarcom vs. MOT

  1. choura2yak

    I would call for a new legislation that makes the market open for any company to provide internet services in lebanon, DSL or 3G or any other Sort of internet service as long as they abide by the norms and they provide a minimum acceptable quality of service. Opening the market will boost competition and kill any chance for deal and agreements between providers that makes prices fixed and quotas and limit predefined and agreed between all of them!

  2. Johnny

    It is clear that ISPs especially Cedarcom have no interest in 3G or in the broadband internet since they will be obliged to drop their very expensive prices and improve the services… on the other hand, Cedarcom has a political interest in opposing the new policies of the MoT since we all know who is the owner of Cedarcom and to which party he belongs.


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