Death Penalty for Myriam el Achkar’s killer

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Syrian national Fathi Jaber al-Salatin, who was accused of killing Myriam al-Ashqar in November 2011, was sentenced to death on Friday. Al-Ashqar, 28, was found dead and soaked in blood in the outskirts of Sahel Alma on November 22, 2011. [Link]

I understand that what he did to Myriam is terrible, and I cannot imagine what her family and friends must have felt, but like I’ve said on several occasions, I would never opt for the death penalty as a punishment.

May she R.I.P.

4 thoughts on “Death Penalty for Myriam el Achkar’s killer

  1. Charles

    i’m against death penalty as well. And Ketermeya is a SHAME for us as Lebanese. People who did ketermeya should have been penalized to the maximum extent allowed by law (w akid, leaving death penalty out of the equation)

    Again, maximum punishment to the guy guilty of what he did to miriam, but should we please take death penalty out of the equation?

  2. Georges

    How about slowly torturing him for the rest of his natural life. Just enough pain that he hurts but not enough to kill him or drive him insane.


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