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“The council will promote equality amongst all media institutions, and defend freedom of expression.”

“It would take advantage of the experiences of foreign media councils, in particular the French council”

Those are quotes from the same guy who wants us to register our websites at the Lebanese National Audiovisual Media Council offices or else he’ll close them down.

It is worthy noting that the Lebanese Media council doesn’t have a website.

Also during MTV’s interview with the council’s secretary Foud Daaboul, they made sure to film the radio-cassette he still uses to listen to music and news.

Read more about this issue [Here].

3 thoughts on “Guess who?

  1. Johnny.B

    chou hal balad hayda … it’s frustrating how they want the new generation to get down to there level … shame … we will never have a descent country.

  2. choura2yak

    Is it Official ? is it supported by any law? can this Mahfouz guy shut our sites just because we didn’t give him our personal info in order to deliver them to all intelligence systems?
    This Mahfouz Antique guy know what Websites means ? social media ? is he going to shut down facebook if we write a post there ? is he going to shut down twitter ? tumbler (As the did in KSA)? What is this guy trying to do and which regime is he trying to implement in the country where Officials don’t stop announcing their support to freedom of speech!


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