Latest Version Diner Opening Soon

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Burger places and Steak houses are the latest trend in Lebanon, hence the latest version diner combining both. I am not sure if the idea will work; I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

LVD is located near ChopSticks and Shtrumph in Dbayyeh. Its logo reminds me of another restaurant’s logo but I can’t remember which.

4 thoughts on “Latest Version Diner Opening Soon

  1. Ayman

    Well from my rather small experience, it’s never good to have a restaurant claiming to be the expert in more than one type of food. 90% of the time it ends up sadly.

  2. Ibrahim Khoury

    The dinner is not that nice compared to other good ones we have in lebanon, we would have to spend 50$ to simply eat a burger and the portion is WAY TOO SMALL and the service is bad, noone care for the comment/feedback card, we wrote our feedback about it and noone cared to asks us about it.


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