Lebanese Dentist Jaber Sami Youssef stabbed and killed in Kuwait

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[YouTube] Video taken from 248am.com

A Lebanese citizen, Dr. Jaber Sami Youssef, got into a heated argument with a young man and three of his friends over a parking spot in the basement of the Avenues Mall in Kuwait and then the confrontation moved to the mall where Dr. Youssef was attacked and stabbed. He was rushed to the hospital but succumbed to his wounds an hour later. He was 26 years old. [Source]


The aggressor was identified by the Kuwaiti authorities and arrested few hours later. He’s 22 years old and you can see a picture of him below:


You can check out the memorial page that was set up for the victim [Here].

May he R.I.P.

19 thoughts on “Lebanese Dentist Jaber Sami Youssef stabbed and killed in Kuwait

  1. HaDy

    May he rest in peace.

    By the way, any idea on the nationality of this piece of sh*t? they’re saying he doesn’t have a nationality. How is that possible.

        1. Michele

          HaDy it’s a “bedoun” not a Bedouin; from the arabic word “without” “bedoun”. These people are born and raised in Kuwait but do not have any paper.

          And Ralph, Dr.Jaber is a dentist.

  2. Mohammed

    there is a diffrence between bedon and bedouins bedons means without in arabic which am sure you all know,those pepole came from surrounding countries to kuwait and there second generation are claiming to be kuwaiti,when clearly they are not,though those pepole are damaging the passport gaining to people whom really deserve it.this guys is a bedun and the three others are bedons as well though they say that one of them is saudi,in the end i hope that they police take an action over thise to stope this once for and for all.

    1. a

      Life imprisonment.

      Hangings/beheadings are rare in Kuwait, they occur once every 6 years and are mainly done to serial killers and serial rapists.

  3. omar

    actually i lived in kuwait for 10 years and i am sure that he looks typically like a kuwaiti citizen , and even if he don’t have nationality and he is a Bedouin that makes him a kuwaiti !

    1. lol

      he’s not a Kuwaiti

      He’s Iraqi

      are you dumb or something

      he doesn’t look kuwaiti, there is no such thing as a ”kuwaiti look”. kuwaitis come in all different colors and skintones.

  4. omar

    and what wrong if he is a doctor at 26 !?? this major takes 6 years to obtain the certificate of dentist 18 years plus 6 years equal 24 so he is working in this field 2 years till now problem solved

  5. Myriam

    How come the killer wasnt arrested on the spot? And they are proud they reached him within 24 hours! What a country! what a shame!

    1. HaDy

      They are proud they reached him because unlike Lebanon’s example where no one ever gets caught, it is quite an achievement.


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