Lebanese films his wife committing suicide

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[YouTube] [WARNING: NOT for sensitive viewers]

Is this for real?

Update: Apparently the woman did commit suicide and she’ss called Amina Ismail. Read more [Here]. It’s such a weird and tragic story.

60 thoughts on “Lebanese films his wife committing suicide

  1. Anonymous

    Actually, he filmed her just so he can later proof that he wasn’t responsible for her death. If he didn’t film her, the court will blame him for her death.

      1. nadine

        People who commit suicide are not crazy, they are desperate people, and they need a lot of psychological help. they are not crazy. may she rest in peace, she certainly was in great pain.

    1. Gisele

      How I wish my Lebanese husband´s niece would relieve our family of her totally superfluous, idiotic existence!
      That downright disgusting MISFIT never
      – thought it worth while to get a diploma (“she didn´t like school”-haha!!!)
      – thought it worth while to move a single finger in her mother´s household (“poor Farah! she´s only a child” – at the age of 18 I, like every normal European, managed my own life and set out upon a career)
      – thought it worth while to drop her sharmuta outfit- at the age of 18, that disgusting piece of shit is developing enough belly fat to turn anybody off….
      So IF a Lebanese woman commits suicide, this might be tragic. But if it´s somebody like Farah from Tarablos…no further comment required.
      Of course, this disgusting misdevelopment is the parents´fault. They are both illiterate-and seem to proud of themselves! Incredible!

  2. rachel 82

    true or not, i don’t see the point of posting this in your blog, too much drama and negative vibes in this movie

      1. GR

        LOL, you’re right Ali — if it’s on the news (especially in Lebanon), then it must be true! Let me guess, you also believe everything on the internet is true too, no? P.S. real or not, the movie is sickening.

        1. Ali

          You’re right, it’s a big conspiracy my smart friend! And YOU uncovered it! And the whole funeral and all the pictures were just a cover-up! Man, you’re good… (I am being sarcastic, if you’re too smart to realize that too)

  3. rouba

    I did not watch it because I will not add a “view” to this outrageous video.

    If it is fake, it is horrible. The concept behind it and the idea to post it and give ideas to impressionable souls.

    If it is real, then obviously this man is a criminal. This woman is sick and needs help. Letting her commit suicide and filming with the outrageous claim that it is to prove he had nothing to do with the death is absolutely as ridiculous as it is criminal. Help her get professional help. Don’t help her kill herself while protecting yourself.

    And finally regardless of all of the above: posting it on YouTube is the most criminal of all and shows the wellbeing of this woman was never this man’s intention. All he wanted by posting it on YouTube was to get views and probably monetize the video.


    Legal actions should be taken against him to send a message to anyone out there that when a person is in distress, you don’t just watch them end their lives. You are responsible to help them get whatever help they need, medical or otherwise.

    1. Janejones

      If you watch, you can clearly see that he doesn’t even go check where she landed. and who uploaded it anyways? and she is literally sliding off the balcony. And a balcony without any glass… interesting. this shit is taking away the limelight from the real issues. And no offense, but who screams like that?!

    2. Ali

      Well if you watched the video you could see her husband trying to convince her not to jump without scaring her by running towards her or making any sudden movements. And I’m not even going to try to address your logic which is as flawed as your comments.

      Please don’t act like a know-it-all and judge people by a couple of lines your read.

      1. rouba

        I refuse to watch the video. It is my right.

        You might think this logic is flawed, as my comments, that is also your right.

        That being said, I think it is outrageous to post something like that on a public platform. Outrageous and completely irresponsible.

        There should be ethics on social media as there should be ethics on other media. Our problem in Lebanon is that ethics do not exist anywhere. Privacy does not mean a thing. And posting videos like that on social media is as outrageous as so-called investigations made by pseudo journalists looking for quick “scoops” (which we know happens all the time in Lebanon).

        Someone should have protected this woman’s privacy and rights for a fair, untainted investigation before spreading videos on YouTube or making news reports about her. Now everyone is “investigating” even before an official investigation is being launched.

        If this video was a “necessity”, then it should have been kept private to keep its integrity protected for the investigation. Now it has become the subject of speculations and opinions (mine included) on social media and televisions.

        But this is my own humble opinion and my own “flawed logic” and you don’t have to agree of course.

        As for your statement about me passing judgement on this man: when someone posts a video like that on YouTube, they know people will be discussing the issue and inferring conclusions. IF you don’t want people to infer conclusions about your actions, keep your actions private, don’t upload videos like that on YouTube and make them available to the public, for the public to analyze. Give it to the police since the claim is that it was to prove he had nothing to do with the death.

        If you feel my comments are flawed as my logic, it is your right. But since you allow yourself the right to pass judgment on my comments and my logic based a personal opinion I shared on a public forum, not in a court of law, then you should not be bothered if I allow myself to pass judgment, just like you did. This is a blog, a topic was posted and people are discussing it. No one passed judgement, the judiciary will hopefully do that in a fair manner (although following this video on YouTube and all the media tainting, it will not be easy), but again, all we did on this blog was comment on a topic that was posted and that was made available by the person who uploaded the video on YouTube in the first place.

        Which is why my first comment above was all about that particular issue: posting the video on YouTube was the most criminal action of all in this tragedy.

        Again, my own personal opinion, “flawed” maybe, but still, just a personal opinion.

        1. Ali

          You’re absolutely right but:

          1. It’s said to be a policeman who uploaded the video, not the husband

          2. I replied to your comment AFTER I read it. I don’t think someone is able to speak objectively and rationally about this whole situation without even looking at the video. I know it’s your right not to watch it, but your conclusions would be much more relevant if you did.

          1. rouba

            Maybe so Ali. But I am not an investigator so my analysis of what is happening in the video is irrelevant anyway. Whether I choose to watch it or not will not add value.

            All these comments on what happened, why and how are only speculations by the public, not by professionals.

            My main concern here is privacy and ethics and how they can be so easily disregarded in social media (and traditional media).

            Whoever posted the video (the husband or anyone else) violated this woman’s rights and compromised the integrity of the investigation.

            I am only taking issue with posting the video on a public platform like YouTube and allowing all these speculations to happen in the first place.

            In any case, nothing we infer here or speculate will help in any way. This poor woman is gone. That is the real tragedy here. May she rest in peace. And may the judicial system give her loved ones peace too.

    3. civil defense

      he did not post it, thats not the full video, the full video shows him checking out the house, then suddenly shes on the ledge… then … what ever..

  4. Jacob Masry

    He could have done something better than screaming like a little Bitc* so, why save her try act all hollywood ! what a shamE.

  5. Marc

    some comments here are hilarious. really… yes it’s a balcony without glass because this unfortunate event took place in an unfinished recently bought apartment. and Rouba I think you need to watch the video because you would know that the man didn’t upload the video himself. even worse, AlJadeed TV uploaded it! so the real question is if her suicide is still under investigation, who would leak a video like that? and shouldn’t it be taken down from YouTube. this video should be reported. I know I did.
    and yeah of course this woman is sick. any person who thinks of commiting suicide is sick. he probably video taped her because I don’t think it was her first time to try to kill herself. and he was protecting himself in his own way from the medieval Lebanese rules which would probably otherwise blame him for her death.

    this movie should be taken down. the real legal actions should be taken against the media for being irresponsible, seeking irrelevant scoops and mediatizing the culture of death.
    hey Lebanese media, respect the woman’s death and people’s privacy!

    1. rouba

      I understand where you’re coming from and I agree that

      1) one needs to protect one’s self from the medieval and unjust judiciary system in Lebanon which is corrupt by religion, politics and all sorts of wasta

      2) the lebanese media should respect citizens’ privacy but in this case in particular it was not the media that violated this woman’s privacy, it was this YouTube upload

      3) I still believe this man and whoever is filming should have taken this woman to a hospital especially if they knew she would try to end her own life

      I don’t know the background of each of the people involved and an investigation should and must tell the truth, hopefully. But to have the common sense to take out your phone and film something like that while you should be in panic or you should be trying to help feels weird to me, but it is just a personal feeling, not facts, I know that. And I sincerely hope, hopefully a court of law will find out the facts and rely on them to pass a judgment if justice needs to be passed. May she RIP.

  6. insideScoop

    ok … heres the real story in case any1 wanted to knw…. so the woman found out her husband is gay and or caught him with his lover… so was a virgin who saved herself for marriage, he opened her, then she found out he was gay, so she couldnt live with the fact no other man will take her “in her opinion” and she couldnt live with him cuz hes actually gay… so boom suicide… gg, well played, pro shit

      1. Janejones

        Share link please!!! I cant find it except on blogs… Then I will agree that my logic is flawed… till then I’m still saying fake.

  7. gianni

    We don’t know the whole story. It is obvious she was desperate and suicidal (unless she was drugged). Let’s have it in the right context. What if she was sick? What if she threatened him that he will go to jail once she kills herself? It could be the reason he picked up his smart phone for his own safety!!

    Let’s wait for the so called investigations by the courageous ISF come to completion before we pass judgment on anyone. As for the idiotic comments above; you guys need a shrink yourselves.

    May she RIP. What a waste!

  8. RSH

    Well this video is real! The girl had asked him to videotape her so they won’t accuse him of killing her! After all crimes rates in lebanon are scary these days! This house is newly bought and they were decorating it that’s why there r no glass shield on the balcony! Had he tried to come near her or try to give her a hand,she would have just slipped herself, like she did eventually!! I think she was planning for it because no one who is about to end his/her life can be that calm! I think she was on some kind of drugs! I know the background of the girl and of her husband..
    As for those who are judging the guy for his screaming or for any action he did through the entire video, I hope u would never ever have to face such a traumatising incident!! Ever!! And he didn’t go over to see her coz he ran back to the house to go down where she fell!!

    1. Lamis

      those sick people trying to create sick stories about them!!! Show some respect guys..

  9. mk57

    ” The girl had asked him to videotape her ” ….PROVE IT.

    ” I think she was planning for it ” ……PROVE IT.

    ” I think she was on some kind of drugs! ” PROVE IT.

    RSH…You do a lot of ” thinking ” and try to pass off your theories as proof. Let’s deal in the FACTS please.

  10. RSH

    @mk57: If ur making fun of what I said just because u have no other thing to say other than being an outsider who is making judgements about people u don’t know and a story u have no idea about!I don’t have to prove anything to u because everything was said and revealed in the investigations… And for all those who are wondering of course of course, it wasn’t the husband who uploaded the video!

    1. mk57

      @RSH:There you go with the ” If’s ” again. I was not making fun of you, because that would be distasteful considering the subject matter. I was merely pointing out that you have NO proof to your comments. Total conjecture and guesswork on your part which is about as helpful as a chocolate teapot. You suggest that I am making judgement on you and I don’t even know you…Hahahahaa then please do explain what on earth YOU were doing by passing judgement yourself on this tragic incident ?
      It is plainly obvious that the Husband did NOT upload the video but a Detective involved with the case but you make out as if you alone have this exclusive knowledge. Of course you don’t HAVE to prove anything to me so do please continue making spurious comments based on theory and guesswork. If that’s what makes you happy…do carry on.

  11. Anonymous

    All of your comments are ridiculous just like your stupid faces ! Stop judging this poor man when you dont even know the real story you silly! I know the man and he is my friend! They were visiting a new appartment and he was filming the appartment and caught her ! And wanted to continue filming cause he never though she would commit a suicide you stupid people! And he wanted to show her how she was looking while trying to die, so she sould learn from her mistake!

    Why would he go check how she looked after landing on the floor, are u stupid ? How traumatising is it to see your beloved wife dead on the floor ?

    Stop talking rubbish about this poor man , first be in his place , see ur loved one commit a a suicide and lets see how u would react or scream to that. I mean look at this stupid one who says he was screaming like a bitch , you are the bitch u stupid , for judging a man who is going thru a lot right now!
    All of you go have a life and stop coenting rubbish , learn to have some respect!

    1. Rabih

      lol..yeah maybe another day bro – rich people with no problems don just throw them selves. please go read about the audio that was extracted that shows him “screaming like a bitch” while she is talking about something else. If he truly loved her he would at least be replying to her to what she is saying the last minutes of her life.

  12. Meera

    Due to this tragic issue!!!!
    1) why did the filming start from the balcony? What happened b4 that? We’re they arguing?did he threaten her? Why would he say if u want I will give u the divorce? That tells a lot! This is wasn’t happily married! Why?
    2) why did both parents want the issue closed??????? Big time ?????

  13. Gabriela Q.

    Well i see a lot of potential for all of you guys, in journalism, law, private investigation…BRAVO!!
    When will the Lebanese people finally learn to stop it with the “latlate”, gossips and learn to mind their own business???
    Suicide is never the answer but that was her choice. May she rest in peace w khalas. Leave her alone and leave her husband alone

    P.S: @najib I am shocked to see 45 comments on this particular post but no more than 3 or 4 comments on other interesting subjects !!! La hal daraje l 3alam fadye 3a wa2ta 🙂

    1. Najib Post author

      Funny that you say that because I was thinking the same specially that the post before that talked about a dam threatening the Jeita Grotto lol.

      1. rouba

        Najib, it just means you have chosen a topic that moves people, whether they should be moved, more (or less) by other topics too can really not be controlled, as disappointing as it may be 🙂

        But it’s only human psychology I guess. Death is a topic that has made people talk since the beginning of times. And when it is suspicious, people are intrigued. (My humble opinion was from the start that this video should not have been uploaded on YouTube in the first place).

        The day/time that you posted this also mattered. It was at the top of my news feed on Facebook so I clicked on it. The other one about Jeita did not appear for instance. So it could be that the time (rather than the topic itself) you happened to post about this attracted more traffic.

        I cannot check all the posts every time, but in general, your blog tackles interesting topics, it’s unfortunate that sometimes we don’t have the time to check them all 🙂

        1. Najib Post author

          It just gets frustrating for a blogger when he receives more comments on a Lara Kay video than one post that he worked hard on writing but I’ve got used to it by now haha.

          Thank you for checking the blog and am loving your input 😉

  14. Desmond Bey

    Nah, people love a good tragedy. Brings out the trolls as well as the bleeding hearts. Opinions are like assholes – everybody has one, even assholes.

    And if you’re worried about privacy issues you shouldn’t really even be connected to the internet.

  15. USA

    Omg ! The guy Ed doesn’t have a mom or sisters or nieces .. Inshallah he will get it back for making fun of a victim pushed over mentally by her psycho husbsnd! He is a psycho path Lebanese like all these men who acquire money and find themselves abusing their power ( marrying women , having gay lovers ..) .. We are addressing here a very serious issue threatening our moms out sisters out relatives , the people we love ! The issue of men being extremely abusive , losing conscience , morality , etc in a society that worships money , but claim to worship god ! Where’s the religion where are the schools where are the mosques and the churches , Lebanese go to??the society has been going back to barbaric times , even worse ! And women remain the victims , while men remain immortal ! Help our woman our girls ! Many Lebanese men are gay and the wife has to cover up .. Many are abused in their childhoods , giving them the right to take it out on the wife ! Especially in the villages of Lebanon where things remain covered up by the mom for generations to come ! This guy should be in jail in hell

  16. MK

    The suicide is caused by many reasons, it is a mental disorder, a depression, a schizophrenia, maybe alcohol addiction or drug abuse, interpersonal relationships, physical abuse, financial difficulties..but does it make any difference now? that poor lady is gone and no one saw it coming and who did, might have ignored that fact..one or many could be blamed no one is innocent!..may her soul rest in peace.
    Our society became like someone driving on a cliff..
    i hope we find the peace someday.

  17. Ron

    So you are so close to the couple, their families, and investigation sources to the point you are in a position to state with certainty he was mistreating her and infected her with a sexual disease? You’re either so delusional so as to take your own personal case or that of someone close to you as a generality, which could be understandable to some extent, or worse than that you’re a spreader of baseless calumnies and lies.

    Have you even gotten your head out of your ostrich hole to notice that not one, not a single member of her family, close or far, not one of her many friends and acquaintances ever stood up to denounce a supposed case of mistreatment that drove her to commit suicide? But no, you want the world to take your wishful thinking as a reality instead of considering the facts.

    There is a reason why Amina’s family is focusing on the one and only cheap angle from where they can attempt putting the blame on the innocent husband although his infection with HPV wasn’t even a secret to Amina even before they got married. He got her vaccinated before any sexual contact as her family even knows and the very fact they are aware of the husband’s disease just a few months into that short marriage further proves it. Another fact for you is that the blood tests on her, done the day she died came back negative as investigation sources have reported or else the family would have already published those results through their lawyer in order to silence the growing rumors of her mental instability caused by a sexually abusing father. And by the way, if HPV was an issue for her, which it wasn’t, then why knowingly marry him in the first place? I’ll tell you why; simply because she loved him and because this virus isn’t even an issue for most of the world population that carries it without any symptoms.

    Lastly about the filming, it is important to consider the context of the event before speaking as you have the nasty habit of doing. All over the media, it was established that he was filming the back of the appt that was under work until he saw her standing at the balcony’s edge. As common sense tells you and as already pointed by others in their comments, you never rush towards someone in such a situation but try to reason. However it all went very fast and she left him no chance and did what she wanted to do. To keep on recording and at the same time trying to reason (something you’re ignoring) was the best thing to do because not only was he trying to save her as any emergency team would have done ie through negotiations but he was also this way safeguarding himself and the future of his own children and other people depending on him, by blocking the way to any false accusation the likes of those people like you are spreading.

    Finally regarding the so called late arrival of the ambulance that would have saved her instead had it arrived earlier, this is disproven by the eyewitnesses and the very person who was performing first aid on her, the owner of the pharmacy nearby who confirmed her death and changing face color just 3 min following her fall.


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