Lebanese Government to open Klaiaat Airport?

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We’ve been hearing calls from several parties in Lebanon, including myself, to re-open the Klaiaat airport and have an alternative to the Rafic Hariri international airport.

Apparently, and as mentioned in Annahar today, the government has plans to re-open the Klaiaat airport for strictly economic reasons. I want to believe that it’s gonna happen but I highly doubt it. [Article]

4 thoughts on “Lebanese Government to open Klaiaat Airport?

  1. tofsroma

    i suggest they open the big land in “HAMAT” to become an airport because it is highly equipped for this target- and is much more secure than any other city.

  2. Tomp

    Typical Lebanese government; when they can’t fix the cause of the problem they’ll offer/point to alternatives:
    -can’t provide us with 24/7 electricity, then use the 7ay generators
    -can’t provide us with water, jeebo sahreej
    -can’t provide us with landlines, buy a cellphone (back in the early 90s)

    and now they can’t secure a 24/7 functioning airport, they’re looking for alternatives.

    A few years from today when we can’t afford food anymore they’ll simply tell us “KELO KH***”.

  3. mwl

    who needs an airport on the border with syria(less then 20 km), unless they are planning military aid to the syria free army. This is a US demand to open a direct and easy supply route.


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