9 thoughts on “Lebanon at the London 2012 Olympics Opening Ceremony

  1. Ahmad

    That was so fucking stupid. When I was watching the ceremony in english the commentators, out of everything they could say, had to point out that Lebanon didn’t want to train near the Israelis. Out of all the things they could say, that’s what came to their minds. When Israel was walking through they literally spent 2 minutes on Israel while ignoring one of the biggest nations, Italy, who were right behind them. All they could say was how we needed to sympathize for those fuckers for the shit that’s happened to them, like we don’t hear that enough every day. I waited 2 hours so I could watch my country walking for 10 seconds. They didn’t even bother taking close up shots on the athletes behind the flag holder the way they did for EVERY SINGLE other country. Bullshit

    1. ussef

      I totally agree with you. I think we were watching the same channel. A canadian one, They spend 2 minutes on Israel and missed Italy, while only 10 sec describing the incident.

      1. Haissam

        I was watching CTV, they almost missed Italy because they gave so much attention to Israel, and Lebanon was cut off as they were walking in because of commercials. That was very shitty in my opinion.

    1. Gianni

      Get over it!!! Lebanese are stupid idiots in their objection of training alongside Israelis…As for any media coverage; if you desire more Italian content; then watch the freaking Italian channel!

  2. Laura

    Watch the Australian coverage it’s better… and Gianni your no better, don’t streotype that all Lebanese are stupid idiot’s!

    1. soso

      i want u to say that infront of my face if u dare. i bet u wouldnt. ur just a spoiled brat who thinks he is cool and doesnt know 2 shits about the world!!

  3. Nadim

    So the reason why Lebanon never won a gold medal is because of this, constant fighting. If 2 Lebanese can’t talk without fighting, how are they supposed to succeed in anything as a NATION, as ONE SPIRIT? Yes I do agree with Gianni, that was childish from the Lebanese part not to train against Israelis. I surely do not support Israel but by refusing to do so (what we do in every single competition, let me say) only shows that we are afraid to confront them and that we are the weaker side. Enough said. The Israeli counter-part claimed that they do not mix politics with sports and that is what we should do as Lebanese (even though that is BS) they knew we were to refuse training with them because that is same case in every other competition. Stop fighting and show support to our athletes. Although I do agree with the first comment, they could have said anything other than that incident but that was a mistake we should not make again. We should start cheering as a team, we should not argue or fight, we should not be divided based on beliefs or political views, for God’s sake, our basketball and football teams are represented by political leaders! Is that even possible? Wake up already we are in the 21st century! And I wonder why our country is so messed up…


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