Batman the Dark Knight Rises releases 26 days later in MENA after International release.

Joseph Chacra & Sons – The Warner Bros. Licensee of the region decided to postpone the release of “The Dark Knight Rises”, the latest Batman movie that is showing worldwide on July 20th. The new release date in the MENA region is August 16th. Which is 24 days behind the international date, the reasons they’re claiming behind this delay are: Ramadan being a slow season for them with 45% drop in sales + Watching movies in Ramadan is Haram for Muslims (according to them as well).

An online campaign by Blogger Moey has failed so far to make Warner Bros Middle East change their minds about the release date. I don’t think they will listen to any of us to be honest, but it’s quite strange to delay the release of movies such as Batman by 24 days. It will probably be available online and in illegal DVD stores in few days time now and that will surely cause a drop in sales as well.


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