Lebanon produced the world's largest wine glass

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Organisers of a wine festival in Beirut poured around one hundred bottles of Lebanese wine into the giant glass, 2.4m high and 1.65m wide. [Source]

So now we have the Falafel, Hummus and Wine Guinness world records.

10 thoughts on “Lebanon produced the world's largest wine glass

  1. Mark

    Hey was that Maxime Chaya early in the video? Now we need the largest piece of cheese to go with the wine OR even better… the largest Communion wafer in the world!

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  3. Simon

    the first guy with the kid on his back was pouring white and red wine! hehehehe

    Why are lebs amused by such meaningless achievements! wat about the akbar 3a2el award?

  4. Najib Post author

    Not much waste as this glass was not really filled. It was a huge glass with only 100 bottles filling barely 5% of it.

    Still that is another stupid and meaningless record we hold.

    I think the Red Cross are after another Guinness record in Lebanon, the largest hand painted painting or something like that.

  5. haissam

    this isn’t really that much of a waste, businesses spend millions on promoting their products, we just can’t really see it because the spending is a build up of smaller spendings such as on billboards and tv slots. I think this is a really good way to promote lebanese wine, because they get free publicity, all they have to do is build the glass and fill it up. If you think about it, its actually much more efficient than other advertising methods.

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  7. Jasmine

    I totally agree with Haissam, so many don’t know that lebanon has such an important wine production and this is an effective way to promote it…why people always look at the negative side of things?

  8. Gianni


    If I may interject. There are many ways of effective marketing. However; it seems that looking cartoonish in having the biggest glass and the biggest hummus or flag will be just that. In my humble opinion; where’s the beef?


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