I was checking out other Lebanese blogs when i fell on an article claiming how powerful are the Arab bloggers. In fact, let me rephrase that and quote Nia Soul from BeirutBeauty blog:

“No longer can the governments ignore us, which makes us the most powerful people in the Middle East. “

Her argument is that governments in the Middle East are cracking down on blogging lately and have arrested and imprisoned many bloggers. Added to that, “Bloggers threaten the powers that be and authoritative regimes picked up on this long ago. They would like it every much if we didn’t think, feel or know. They want us to stay a “bewildered herd” as Noam Chomsky put it.”

I am all for rebellious and enthusiastic youth who want to make changes and let their voices heard, but to claim that bloggers have any effect on political regimes in the Middle East is one big joke. In fact, it is the biggest joke ever.

I suggest that you calm down ya Nia before you get two slaps from some local intelligence agency, not because they are afraid of you, but because they don’t give a damn about you or other bloggers and are so much in control that they can put you in jail, harass you, close down your blog, drag you from your home and the best thing you can get out of this incident is that you will be mentioned in other blog posts.

You can’t even walk in the streets without being harassed by Arabs as per your video and you think your blog can make a difference?

A small piece of advice, you can make a change by stating your opinion calmly and reasonably and have the right people read you and we’ve had a lot of feedbacks on many critics we did on the blog here, even if it was for a restaurant or a pub or some company, but it’s the right way to start, that’s for sure.