I had this banned Lebanese movie for a while now and haven’t seen it until yesterday.

What a crappy movie that was! No plot, no proper acting, no proper footage, no nothing!

I had the uncensored version and the whole controversy done on this movie was about the main actress Joanna Andraos, playing a prostitute called Souraya, showing her breast at two or three occasions.

What annoyed me the most about this movie is that i could not relate to anything that happens that often in Lebanon.
– A prostitute who has a gay friend and likes to do threesomes with rich customers.
– A beggar who gives away all his money to buy a gun and kill whomever tried to kill his prostitute friend.
– A businessman who is preoccupied with killing the prostitute.
– A poor fat taxi driver who breaks into rich houses to take a bath (They show us his ass as well).
– A gay guy who has no problem kissing other guys in night clubs and in front of everyone.

And the list goes on and on …

Honestly, i think this is the worst movie i saw this year, right after “Lebanon“, that Israeli-made movie that is also really bad and boring as hell.