Pierre Hashash to be released without any Charges

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After getting arrested and beaten with rifles by army intelligence officers in broad daylight outside Dunkin Donuts in Batroun, and spending almost a week in Qobbeh prison in Tripoli, Pierre Hashash will be released tomorrow without any charges as reported by Naharnet.

Hashash will have to witness in a civil case though as his file was transferred to Baabda’s civil court. As for the army intelligence officers who brutally assaulted Pierre and made his head bleed, well there’s no mention of that in the report.

I am still puzzled as to why they beat up the poor man only to release him without any charges. I hope Kahwaji will take measures to prevent such incidents in the future.

Picture from NowLebanon showing the blood of beaten Lebanese political activist Pierre Hashash on the floor of Batroun’s Serail.

4 thoughts on “Pierre Hashash to be released without any Charges

  1. maya

    Well ,that’s what they do when they wanna frighten someone in Leb ,is this new ????To make him shut up,u know he might corrupt young minds lool,this is what the retarded isf and army really think in Lebanon ,who do you think is in it anyway??/The ones who barely got their high school diplomas ,those are the ones


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