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I’ve passed by this Saj place probably hundred times but never knew it was a Saj place until I was looking for an apartment near it and Mark told me there’s a cool Saj place next to it.

I went there to try it on Sunday but it was closed. Turn out it opens on week days only so I went yesterday morning and ordered Jebneh and Zaatar. The Zaatar was not that good but the Jebneh was tasty, even though a bit salty. I’ve always prefered Saj to Manakish and wonder why there are so few Saj places when compared to the “furns” we have everywhere. Saj is much easier to setup and tastier.

6 thoughts on “Saj Jeita

  1. Mark

    She does great cheese and ham plus more importantly… A proper breakfast of eggs. I always have mine sunny side up and u get saj bread with it as well as olives, tomato and mint on the side. Costs just 4000LL

    For good zaatar sajj, on your way back down to Jeita u will pass bank audi and then Starbucks, around 50 meters after ere is a small sajj place that has amazing zaatar and they have calorie counts!

  2. Eliedh

    There are 6 “it” in the first 4 sentences!!
    Personally the only saj place I like is in antelias, near the big st Elie church, the guy makes great jebneh and zaatar saj.

  3. Eliedh

    I don’t think so, it’s next to a Place called “Aoun” near the church, the guy is about 55 years old, and has many pictures of Pierre Gemayel inside the place.

  4. Mark

    Najib, no its right after Black Olive. Small little place with an ice cream sign outside. Will be passing by this morning and then post about it.


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