Shoot Benjamin Franklin

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Why don’t they go for the Lira bill and place some Lebanese politician’s head in the middle with a bullet in his mouth? Wouldn’t that be the best thing to have?

10 thoughts on “Shoot Benjamin Franklin

  1. choura2yak

    I fully support this idea and i like it … I hope such campaign should be launched by some creative Designers and i’m ready to host it on my site and ask Every Lebanese citizen “Choura2yak” ?

  2. choura2yak

    Mark, i’m not advertising my Site, what i’m doing is to raise awareness towards some specific issues you are posting and discussing on your blog … in all cases since this issue bothered you up to the point of mentioning it, i won’t be bothering you … have a nice day guys …

  3. Joe

    the spammer mentioned before that he won’t be advertising his site but he did again and again.. hope someone takes note of this.

  4. Najib Post author

    No one minds Choura2yak posting here but you can’t just go throwing your blog’s name and invite people to join you and link it in every comment you make.

    That’s called spamming and is annoying.

    Wa choukran.

  5. Danny boy


    I think you have smart and highly intuitive people reading your blog. Let him (Choura2yak) be unless he really spams without any relevance to the topic at hand. Keep it up; you are doing great. If you put a Lebanese politician’s pic on the LIRA…The “artist” might be the first to eat the bullet lol. Remember this is not the USA; rather the wild wild west!


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