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I finally went to that new diner called Taxi and it was a horrible experience, mostly due to the service rather than the food.

The place is located at the worst location ever… Burj Al Ghazal Achrafieh. You can’t find any parking space and you have to give it to valet parking who charges you 5000LL for just moving your car a few meters.

I get in and the place is huge and nicely done. It must have cost them a good chunk of money for the decoration and all. The place was empty around 8pm, but it seemed like they had a large reservation.

I sit on an uncomfortably low couch and a waiter called H (not real name) approaches us and says:

H: Hello, my name is H and I will be waiting you tonight.

Me: Can you please get us a coke with ice and a seven-up with no ice. Make sure it’s no ice please.

5 minutes later, he brings both drinks with ice.

Me: We ordered it with no ice. Can you change it please ? And we’d like to order Nachos as starters and the buffalo wings. Is the wings sauce spicy ?

H: Yes.

Me: Can you please get a non-spicy sauce ? sweet BBQ sauce ?

H: Sure.

10 minutes later, H comes back and brings the buffalo wings dipped in spicy sauce.

Me: Looks like you want to kill me. I ordered the non-spicy BBQ sauce please.

H: Apologies, i will change it right away.

10 minutes later, H comes back and brings me wings dipped in HOT SPICY BBQ SAUCE !

I just let it go and barely ate any wings.

Then I had to order the main dishes…

Me: Excuse me H, can you tell me what’s the garnish on the Swiss Mushroom burger, and what’s the special Taxi sauce that comes along with it ?

(after few seconds of silence)

H: El Sauce fiya Mayonnaise.

(Wow very helpful)

Me: Ok please bring it on the side so in case I don’t like it, i can still eat the rest of the burger.

Amazingly he did get it on the side and there was no garnish on the burger. It was also a decent burger with long and thick fries on the side.

I was in no mood for dessert afterward and just ordered the bill. It was around $50 which is more expensive than most diners.

My car was parked right where I left it, but I still gave the valet a 3000LL tip. Apparently that is the minimum charge these days, or so i thought as he comes back and tells me it’s 5000LL not 3000LL.

10 thoughts on “Taxi Diner Beirut

  1. Mark

    I think you’re being too hard on the place. If he got you ice in your 7up by mistake I wouldn’t call that horrible service.

  2. Najib Post author

    I wouldn’t too, but not if he gets you the wings dipped in spicy sauce while you requested not to and then gets you other wings dipped in another spicy sauce as a replacement and doesnt even know what’s in the menu’s platters.

    I felt like leaving at some point.

  3. Chahe

    Have been there twice already and the service is really crappy. It took them 1.5 hours last time to get us the food. And they don’t even serve everything written on the menu
    I don’t think i’ll ever go there again

  4. Patrick

    I went to that place last week, its pretty bad. They didn’t have boneless wings, so I ordered their regular buffalo wings and they weren’t that great, food is way over priced and the menu is horribly designed. Fries looked good, but had a bland taste. I wish Sports Cafe was still open.

  5. Leila

    The place is 1 minute away fro where I work.. I’m gonna check it out and comment again.. I can’t decide just yet..(ba3rfak ni2a) 😉
    LOVE UR BLOG!!! mwahhhh

  6. Danielle

    Najib you are sooo picky!! hahaha…first you bash Le Rouge, and now Taxi..I’m happy I don’t have a restaurant.. lol

    “OMG, like the waiter put ice in the cup when I asked him not too! What crap service!”


    Still, it sounds pretty bad..guess I won’t be going there! 😉

  7. Najib Post author

    The drink wasn’t for me, i was just ordering it. And it is not the ice cubes that bothered me, but more the spicy sauce he brought me twice even though told not to.

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  9. fragolina

    never been there and probably i won’t after what you said. but your conversation with the waiter made me laugh, its so funny. he has no clue at all, doesnt he?!!!!

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