11 thoughts on “Visit Jeita Grotto in Beirut?

  1. Prince WJ

    Its ok ya zalami, its a small country, let them came to beirut and w’ll drive them to Jeita.
    What attracts me in this image in the travel alert

  2. Bassem B.

    I’ve noticed Beirut is more famous than Lebanon. If I introduce myself as being from Lebanon there’s a good chance the other person doesn’t recognise it, while Beirut usually gets a reaction.

  3. choura2yak

    You shouldn’t be surprised since many times we hear foreign officials and tourists mentioning Beirut while meaning Lebanon! this is what our governments did during the last 20 years, focusing on beirut and neglecting all other regions in a way to keep the perception that Lebanon is nothing but Beirut!

  4. Brit

    Jeff, you ignorant fool.
    how about the lebanese national museum?
    how about the roman hammams in down town?
    how about down town beirut?
    how about raouche?
    how about you stop acting like a child and grow up?
    what is wrong with the cafes, restaurants and pubs?
    arent those “things” to do in beirut?

  5. Najib Post author

    I used to think that there’s not much you can do in Beirut, but trust me you could visit a lot of interesting sites and walk around the city and enjoy it.

    Beirut is full of historical sites that say a lot about what happened in the city, but there is no guided tour to visiting them. AUB are now organizing a walk around Beirut activity nowadays but I dont know how it goes.

    Cafes and restaurants arent the things to do in Beirut exactly as you have much nicer places outside Beirut, but there are some which are worthy visiting for a tourist.

    The sad thing about Beirut is that it is without a soul specially after the 2007 events. Nevertheless, walking around DT is quite enjoyable.

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