I would add the following points to Barakbits’s post:

12- You were not allowed to sleep over at your friends because they are strangers.
13- Your friends’ parents know all about your childhood’s most embarrassing stories because of your mom.
14- If a girl ever shows up to your house and your mom likes her, she’s the one.
15- You are reminded to go visit your teta all the time.

Of course there are plenty of other signs but those are the ones I thought of now. Maybe I should come up with a post related to Lebanese moms only.

Check out the original post [Here].

1) “Wainek?” Instead of “Hi, how are you?” as an opening line on the phone.

2) Being called “Mama” as a term of endearment, instead of “honey” or “sweetheart”. “No ya Mama you cannot go out tonight, we are having Ma’loobeh.”

3) You are very hospitable because you know that if you weren’t your mom would scold you later on.

4) Family comes first, and you probably lived at home until you got married (or still live at home if you’re not married or studying abroad).