This is really disturbing news and pretty much shows how much “wasta” plays its part in Lebanon and how certain political parties, specifically in South Lebanon, are covering those operations.

BEIRUT — At the age of 13, Marwan learned to hide the little colourful pills in his socks as he strode past his supervisors at school. Two years later, he is a go-to man for ecstasy in the Lebanese capital.

“The money’s not that important,” Marwan explains. “It’s the halo of power, plus sometimes it guarantees sex with the girls who are asking for the pills.”

“After raves and events hosted by major DJs appeared on the Lebanese scene five years ago, each pill would sell for 20,000 pounds (13 dollars, 10.8 euros) on a regular day and double the price at a rave,” he told AFP.

“I don’t worry about getting arrested. If I do, I know my dad will bail me out.”

According to experts, 400 tablets of ecstasy were confiscated in 2008 compared to 17,312 tablets in 2009. [Article from AFP]