Lebanon’s telecommunications minister signed a memorandum of understanding with leading firm Intel to provide low-cost tablet computers to Lebanese public school students. “The project aims to create multifaceted educational solutions and lay the foundation for long-term added value economic projects that will boost growth,” Minister Nicolas Sehnaoui said at the signing ceremony held at recently opened technology center Beirut Digital District. [Link]

Update: I don’t follow the tablets’ market that closely and I thought Intel-powered tablets aren’t that bad. However, after having read Mustapha’s post, I have to agree that while the initiative of getting affordable tablets to Lebanese public school students is good, distributing MANDRIVAs instead of iPads and Android-powered tablets is a bad idea as we are selling them worthless technology. Read BeirutSpring’s full post [Here].

The tablets will have both WiFi and 3G connectivity, along with some educational material and Intel’s business mentorship program. The pilot project will provide around 1,500 tablets to 10th and 11th grade classes in 15 public high schools across the country. According to Education Minister Hassan Diab, every public high school student should have a tablet PC by 2014.

This is a good initiative and should be followed by creating more free WIFI spots around schools and in major cities and public places. Also, Public School Students should be given free 3G subscription plans by Alfa and Touch.